Holiday Reading 2022

Can you believe it is that time of year again? The Holidays are here already; they kinda snuck up on me this year, and I have been scrambling to get it all done before I get to my holiday reading ( yes, I really mean Christmas ). Tis the season to stick my nose in all the great holiday romances and read and review them so you know the best ones to read; however, if you want to follow along with me, I created a list of the ones currently on my device, some new releases, some older releases and some I’m sure will be interesting.

So here’s the list in case you want to grab some of these yourself

Gingerbread Gamble by Melody Tyden

How the Grump Saved Christmas by Claire Kingsley

Once Upon a Royal Christmas by Teri Wilson

Santa Got Run Over By A Vampire by Carrie Pulkinen

Christmas on the Rocks by Michelle Dare

Christmas at Fireside Cabins by Jenny Hale

My Totally Elfed Christmas by Audrey Furnas

I know my list is only 7 books long which seems crazy for the amount that I read but this year, I am being smart and factoring in that I will probably be reading more than just Christmas books in December and all the normal real-life stuff to get done so hence why it is only 7 books long. I’m hoping this is doable, as I am excited to get started. I plan on cracking my first Christmas book just after Thanksgiving. I am not making this a challenge or anything, but you are more than welcome to join me and comment when I post the reviews with your thoughts. I’m sure all of these authors love to see your feedback on their books. I wish you the best this season and hope you continue to Read-Love-Review.


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