A Cowboy Thanksgiving by Melinda Curtis

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A holiday visit…
Or a season for love?

As an orphan, Maxine Holloway has never known what “family” truly feels like. That is, until Max and her daughter spend Thanksgiving in Second Chance, Idaho, with the boisterous and prominent Monroes—including ridiculously handsome cowboy Bo Monroe. For the first time ever, Max doesn’t feel like an outsider. But can she let down her guard enough to let the Monroes—and especially Bo—be her home beyond the holidays?

My Review

I appreciate the family tree, and even though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Bo is from a big family and is learning life lessons young in the prologue. However, he also understands valuable motivations.

A lovely mix-up has him meeting Luna and Max, as in Maxine, at the airport and taking them home to spend the holidays with his large family in Second Chance, Idaho, including his dog, which is fabulous in the story.

Hmm, the thanksgiving challenges are very intriguing. Unfortunately, his want to win overshadows his personality. Maxine has a confirmed case of not fitting in; she doesn’t allow herself to acclimate to her surroundings very well, instead trying to stay on the side but still part of it. I feel like she starts to come around to Bo’s charms, but she is very weary. I love little Luna; she is absolutely stealing my heart in this book.

Despite fears, misunderstandings, and the time and place, this couple realizes what is right in front of them today and just in time for the holidays.

This was a sweet story, and the epilogue was a nice ending. Unfortunately, it connects the series and many romances I haven’t read. Still, I did enjoy the conclusion of Max and Bo’s story.

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