Last Time We Loved  by Christine Miles

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Can they free the past to have a future together?

Florist Alyson Douglas is focused on saving her business when her past walks back into her life. She, however, is no longer a girl, and he was careless with her heart the first time.

David Preston has spent the last ten years rebuilding his life and now wants his true passion. Then fate brings the one back into his life, presenting him with a second chance to have everything he’s ever wanted.

My Review

This story is very much women’s fiction, with the man in the story, David, being sweet, romantic, and very kind to Alyson. Of course, he has a reason for it as you learn about the past, trauma, and the direction his life has advanced. Alyson and David are later in life, but they were college sweethearts, and this is their second chance. I think it must have been fate. The story itself has some regret, real-life issues, and feels, as well as steamy moments. But I could see the chemistry between this couple, and the author wrote a great story. Unfortunately, I felt that Rebecca and Jillian stole the story as I was more intrigued by their romance and story and overall characters, and they had so much more personality. I was asked to read this by the publisher, and I am leaving an honest review voluntarily. 

Alyson is a florist in Colorado. She has everything thing she needs with her dog Thatcher. Yet she hates Valentine’s Day. Since her building will be sold soon, she has to move her small business. 

David plays piano in a band. He loves his sister and has some baggage concerning a certain someone. I can’t wait for the full story on that. 

What a weird blast from the past and a very uncomfortable conversation. Some of the tragic past comes out, and you learn more about what was and isn’t. I think David is truly an honorable guy now, but in the past, he may have made some impulsive decisions, but they also might have been for the best. Alyson is cautious, wary, and unsure about him now. 

I adore David’s conniving mastermind of a sister Becca. She is fabulous, a little mysterious but also so fun. This story seems to have later-in-life issues with trust, business and career, and dreams. The characters have real drama that adds to their lives. I admire David for taking a leap of faith and embracing the new him.

The ball is in Alyson’s court; what will she do? I think she made the right decision for herself and true love. This romance does end with a second chance, and the epilogue is very sweet. 

If you would like to read Last Time We Loved by Christine Miles, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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