An Omega for the Lycan Prince by Isa Rinner

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sweet and kind Annalise has just started her college life. As an Omega she-wolf, she doesn’t have high expectations in life or love. Happy to spend her days with her friends and family, her life gets turned upside down when she meets her mate. Strong, powerful and of high rank, he is the exact opposite of her.

Liam is a high-ranking Lycan, firstborn son to the Alpha of Silverlake pack, expected to take over the pack. Known to be distant, cold and of incredible strength, he has been searching for his mate for years. When he coincidentally accompanies his younger brother to his college event, he finally stumbles over her.

When Liam and Annalise meet it’s like two worlds are colliding. Annalise is certain that a powerful Lycan like Liam will instantly reject a weak Omega she-wolf… won’t he?

While there are people who are not happy about such an alliance, she soon realizes that the biggest battle is the one against her own insecurities.

My Review

This paranormal romance is exciting and packed with everything you love in new adult fiction, but this is all available in one perfect read. I love that this book has similar tropes to the pay-to-read chapter books you find on certain apps. A lot is going on with fated mates, a Lycan prince, an omega wolf, and pack issues. But the author jumps from one story drama to the next perfectly while watching Annie and Liam grow into a fantastic, mature, and respectful couple. Feel free to binge this.

This story has quite some steamy content as the mates can’t keep their hands to themselves. But I truly loved how this story ended. I loved that this story is set in a paranormal environment. The family is unique in this book, and all the characters are different but relatable. Still, the author includes real-life issues, like self-doubt, bullying, healthy relationships, acceptance, and true love. I honestly can’t wait to read more by this self-published author. 

Annalise or Annie is moving into her college dorm. Anna has a very positive outlook on her status and looks; she is intelligent and down to earth. She is an omega wolf but is best friends with Dave, a human, and Ella, a smart, sassy wolf. 

Annie wolf is wise, and we see an immediate change in her reaction to others, especially Alpha Finn. Her quiet year gets upended fast by the Lycan Alphas’ son Lord Finn. Finn and his brother Liam the next Alpha of the Silverlake Pack, are great together. You can feel the brotherly love. 

Oh, this book gets surprises as Annie finds her destined mate; you’ll never guess who? Omg, she is awkward all of a sudden. It is nice to get both povs and connect with Annie and her wolf and her mate and his wolf. The author adds some suspense with some suspicious things. I wonder where she will go with them. The book gets steamy as Annie and Liam mate. Well, that conflict was resolved fast. 

Meeting the parents is everyone’s biggest fear, especially for a wolf shifter with a rank gap. But I love the mother of the Lycans. I love that Liam is a protective and caring mate. Of course, this book gets action-packed with some unexpected guests. Surprises are in-store around every page as the author weaves a fantastic story. 

Annie has some fantastic gifts in this book and a genuinely relatable, friendly personality. 

I love the intricacies of this story; however, it is a lot to keep straight as it progresses from one thing to another. The drama seems to unfold and resolve, and a new connected drama occurs. The author surprises us with a justifiable turn of events showcasing how honorable and courageous Annie and Liam are. This book gets very steamy, and there are lots of inside jokes. I liked being so connected to the main characters, their friends, and their families and watching them become more than you could ever imagine. 

I love how the author develops this story thru the book from one, to two, to family, to pack, to royalty. This was a fabulous read with a fantastic ending. 

If you want to read An Omega for the Lycan Prince by Isa Rinner, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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