Temporarily In Love by Danica Flynn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve never loved someone quite like my high school sweetheart. But she shattered my heart to pieces when she moved to California for college and never came back.

Now she’s back in Drakesville and for the first time in sixteen years, I’ve come face-to-face with the only woman I’ve ever loved. Kissing her was a bad idea. Spending countless nights tangled in my sheets was an even worse idea.

She’s only here long enough to make sure her parents’ bar stays afloat. I can’t get attached, when I know she’s just going to leave again.

And I know I’m not reason enough to make her stay.

Temporarily In Love is a small-town second chance autumn-themed romance book. If you love fall and Halloween, you’ll love this book.

My Review

This small-town second-chance romance is a perfect autumn read with all the feels. I love the mid-life couple and opposites attract tropes. The author surprises readers with a very steamy story as Lila and Declan reunite. The story has believable drama and an emotional connection. The story ended perfectly, and I love how the autumn vibes carried throughout the book. 

Lila is thirty; she had a successful job, a college degree, and a fiancé but gave it all up to come home to Drakesville, Pennsylvania, for her family. The small town is excellent except for her high school sweetheart. Her first few days in town don’t go as planned, and you can feel the animosity in the pages. 

Declan is the geeky Macgregor brother he is more into spreadsheets and the business side of stuff than people and brewing. Happy couples also surround him. However, you see a different unexpected side of him. 

These high school sweethearts have a history and a breakup to get over. Things start at frosty as Declan and Lila admit they still love each other. However, both are still uncomfortable around each other. This book gets steamy and descriptive. On top of the romance, this book has all the fall feels with pumpkin beer, a harvest fest, and a pumpkin patch yup, I’m dreaming of pumpkin over here while I read this. 

I love that the author surprises us with her character, which isn’t what I expected of Declan in the bedroom, and damn, things get hot. Lila struggles with what she wants as a grown adult woman, what makes her happy, and where. Can this small town and her high school sweetheart fulfill her, or should she stay the course of her career on the west coast? 

Lila’s head is filled with many things at this point in the story, and there isn’t a clear direction for her choice. The male pov is bizarre to get the sappy thoughts and relationship dreaming. I’m not used to the guy in these romance books knowing what he wants and being sad he did not get it. The reason is valid but very different from many other reads.

I love how the author brought the autumn vibes throughout the entire story. The final choice in her hands is very suspenseful, but it all comes together perfectly. The end of the book is emotional, sweet, and unforgettable. 

If you want to read Temporarily in Love by Danica Flynn, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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