In Her Candy Jar: A Romantic Comedy (The Svensson Brothers Book 1) by Alina Jacobs

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am always fully in control of my company, my family, and my life. Even my diet is perfectly regulated—that includes no candy.

Except when my new assistant sprays chocolate sauce all over me and passes out drunk in my car, it marks the point where my control over everything starts to unravel.

Josie is a walking disaster and some sort of sugar addict.

And she’s determined to turn me into a fiend for her candy.


Routines are the enemy of life. I live to be spontaneous.

My new billionaire boss looks like he needs something sweet in his life. I graciously offered to let him stick his hand in my candy jar.

It has salt water taffy and gummy worms! I can’t believe he thought it was inappropriate!

I feel sorry for the guy. His little brothers are miserable, his PowerPoints are uninspired, and his life is seriously lacking in joy. And candy.

Though if I’m being honest, I could use a little more discipline. My YOLO, fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants philosophy already sent my life into a tailspin.

It cost me the entirety of my life savings.

I’m living in a dilapidated tiny house that’s trying to kill me.

I regularly eat chocolate chips and boxed wine for dinner.

In an effort to redeem myself, I set out to show Mace that I wasn’t a clumsy, car destroying, electronic-killing, accident-prone, walking disaster. That lasted all of five minute before I set his seaweed and quinoa lunch on fire. Yeah, I didn’t know that was a thing either. 

I can tell I’m a bad influence. I see him lick his lips when we’re alone. I just have to convince him to take one little bite…

Because once he has a taste, he’s going to want to stick his whole face in my candy jar!

This standalone, full length romantic comedy has no cliffhangers! It features a boiling hot romance, the largest selection of hot brothers to ever grace your e-reader, and a heroine prone to making suggestive comments!

My Review

I have loved reading Alina Jacob’s books; they are the perfect romantic comedy to have you laughing, getting hot and bothered, and loving the billionaire men and quirky women she brings together. Her books are steamy, weird, and entertaining. The stories are memorable and unique, and I have enjoyed every single one I read. This one is mainly an office romance with curvy women, a billionaire boss, and a whole fiasco of issues. But the book ends sweet. 

Mace is responsible, disciplined, sugar-free, and runs a tight schedule. He is a caring older brother but has his hands full.

I have to admit the family is in utter chaos. 

Josie was living a high and free life, flying by the seat of her pants until life crashed down on her, as well as the debt; she ended up working for Svensson PharmaTech as an assistant and living in a crappy shoebox. She is clumsy, thinks chocolate and wine are a food group and has a big oops moment in the Vegan cafe. 

After a few epic blunders, things start to turn around for Josie and her boss Mace. Oh, it looks like their luck ran out as Mace gets a new assistant, and Josie happens to be it. The author is funny in some conversations; I like the play on words.

This book gets steamy as it looks like the boss can’t resist his new assistant. This couple, while hot, seemed to have a whole town against at least one of them. But Josie has issues of her own. Steamy, steamy, and more steamy, but not well described. Her problems and a lot more come out. I don’t hate Mace and his brother’s reaction; I love that he is true to his character. Josie is excellent and fixes everything. 

This book ends amazingly, and I love the end quote, “If it’s covered in candy, eat it. “ I love the Svensson brothers and all the crazy women who fit in their lives. The author includes a little sweet treat at the end. I highly encourage you to read this book and series. 

If you want to read In Her Candy Jar by Alina Jacobs, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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