Her Forbidden Alpha King by Adry Moon

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Allaya never thought her lovely boyfriend would cheat on her with her step-sister, moreover that she would catch them in the act.
The pain of betrayal pushed her to the edge, awakening the forces hidden inside her. Then Hayden and Landon showed up, introducing her to a supernatural world she never suspected existed, turning her life upside down.
Who will she choose? And how will she cope with her true nature?

“I don’t belong to anyone!” I hissed at him.
I would never admit that I’m at his mercy, that my body begs to be touched by him.
“I can prove to you that you are mine!” A devilish smirk is plastered all over his face, and his eyes flash lust and raw desire.
“I would like to see you try!”
I forget how to breathe the moment he crashes his lips against mine. He tastes like heaven, a sweet intoxicating flavor that seduces my senses and puts me under a magic spell. His tongue explores the depths of my mouth, sweeping me off my feet.
And then his hands reach my inner thighs…

Her Forbidden Alpha King by Adry Moon

My Review

This book was quite the paranormal journey with lots of surprises, action, and revelations that will keep you intrigued throughout the story. The story has a very historical feel to it. Still, the author includes in this book the most famous paranormal tropes. I loved the fated mates, the hybrid heroine, and the action scenes. The book is very steamy once you get into it, as Allaya and Hayden can’t keep their hands off each other. The main characters come a long way in their convictions and hearts by the end of this book. This almost read like a long, drawn-out saga, but it was fascinating. I wasn’t thrilled with the first eight chapters as they seemed very pointless as we got into the story’s heart. I did consider not reading this arc, but by the time I got past them, I was hooked and had to know what happened next. I liked the surprise at every turn, the secrets and history, and of course, the swoony Alpha.

Allaya is in a committed relationship and ready to give herself to her boyfriend, Elijah. Her worst fears happen when she finds him in a compromising position. However, his friend Eduard does try to stop her. This is the worst betrayal, and it does something unexpected to this human woman.

However, just as I expect things to be a mess, someone comes to be her savior. Hayden is the soon-to-be King of Alphas, but he hasn’t shifted yet or found his fated mate. As if there isn’t enough drama, the author spices it up a bit more.

There are a few peculiarities to remember that may come into play later. The first few chapters help us understand the characters better but also seem out of place. However, the story improves as the author finds direction around chapter eight.

This book has some spelling, oops, and the writing isn’t seamless. This book gets more messed up as secrets and pasts come to light. The antagonist and the protagonist are distinguished in this story and, unfortunately, seem to pit one species against the other. You get to read the consequences of their forbidden mating bond.

Okay, this book gets better as it gets more twisted certain realities, I could guess, but it is still very surreal when the truth is exposed. This book is steamy as this couple finally mates. The author packs the action-adventure and spine-tingling suspense into every chapter of this book. After all the tragedy, surprises, and supernatural revelations, the author ends this story very sweetly.

If you want to read Her Forbidden Alpha King by Adry Moon, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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