Autumn at Apple Hill by Angie Ellington

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Elise Jacobs is ready for a change. A new beginning. Recently divorced, she relocates to her hometown of Landover, Maine to operate a bed and breakfast she inherited from her grandmother. After growing up with the fondest memories of her childhood being spent there, she relishes the chance for a fresh start and an opportunity to revive the inn. As summer gives way to Autumn, the inn is returning to its grandeur. A handsome guest sets out to challenge Elise at every turn. She knows the wealthy narcissistic type…or does she?
Luke Donovan is ready to trade banking for bon appetit with hopes of opening a bistro in a charming town he spent summers fishing with his dad and grandfather. Finding an obstinate innkeeper consuming his thoughts is more than he’d planned for a brief stay at the most idyllic home tucked within the rolling hills of an orchard.

My Review

Get a taste of sweet autumn romance with this short story. This midlife story is written mainly in the third person with a very narrative feel to the story. It isn’t easy to connect with the characters and feel their emotions. The scenery and setting are amazing and genuinely give you the Autumn feels. I love the charm of the small town and the Bed and Breakfast. Although the author is very charismatic with her story, especially the ending, I have to be honest. I was slightly bored by the book. I think that’s because the romance was sweet and just starting, the drama was too quickly dealt with, and the narrative was too drawn out in the story. Also, I wouldn’t call this a romantic comedy, more just a clean romance.

Elise decides to take over her grandparent’s Bed and breakfast in Maine. Her life has been changing in the past year, and this opportunity is just what she is looking for. Strangely, the book is written in almost the third person or with a narrator informing you of the character’s actions.

I do like that Elise is honest and a little feisty. Luke, however, I’m not sure what to think about him, yet the interaction thus far isn’t favorable. Apple Hill and Portland, Maine, seem to have some idyllic spots for dates and new ventures. The characters are long-winded in some conversations, and it is more like a third-person paragraph than an actual conversation. This book ends sweetly, but I didn’t read the epilogue.

If you want to read Autumn at Apple Hill by Angie Ellington, you can find this short story on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying orders.

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4 thoughts on “Autumn at Apple Hill by Angie Ellington

  1. I found your review. Sorry it didn’t resonate with you. I do think the epilogue would be enjoyable to see where Luke & Elise’s story took them next. 🙂


  2. I found your review. Sorry it didn’t resonate with you. I do think the epilogue would be enjoyable to see where Luke & Elise’s story took them next. 🙂 This was my 2nd book. You may find others more to your appeal. All are “sweet” romances and in 3rd person narration, however.


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