Festive Flings: Fun, Fetishes and Frolicking by Emma Lee-Johnson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jamie Knowles is facing a Christmas all alone after her childhood sweetheart dumped her for another woman. Until she realises for the first time in her adult life she is very single and ready to mingle. She may be ready to find something new, but has the man of her dreams always been right in front of her?

Jamie’s older sister, Billie, is married with children, but both her and her husband can feel the spark fading in their marriage. In order to save their marriage, they decide to spice things back up both in and out of the bedroom as a Christmas present to one another.

Jamie’s work colleague and friend, Tim, has a particular taste in women. In the past he has worried about his friends’ reactions. When he meets a woman, one who ticks all his boxes, can they both be brave enough to take what they want?

Are you ready for fun, fetishes, frolicking, and a few Festive Flings?

My Review

This story is sensual, erotic, positive, and filled with all the feels, so much better than a typical holiday romance and not like a Hallmark movie. I like that all couples experience real-life issues from burnout to self-confidence to work. This book jumps between multiple characters as they have some authentic journeys. You have Jamie and Owen, who have a sweet romance even though the whole boss thing is involved. Billie and Jonty are looking to add the spice back to their marriage. Tim and Lauren are a new couple with many issues, but can their love overcome that inner voice? I do love the holiday playlist at the beginning of the book. 

This book begins erotically as Jamie dreams of passion but finds herself frustrated. She is coming off a destructing break-up and finding herself once again. She does a great job of picking herself up and moving on. This book is set during the holiday season with Christmas and winter vibes. This book has some very mature content; some may find it too explicit. 

Billie, her sister, is a coffee shop owner and feels the long days of working and being a mom. Her relationship and intimacy are stuck in a rut or fizzling like a “wet firework.” What will she and Jonty do? Her idea is quite adventurous but shows a steamier side of a marriage and a little kink. Honestly, I’m more interested in her sister Jamie’s progress and dreams. 

Tim found the girl of his dreams unexpectedly, but she has quite a complex of self-deprecating. Lauren is a fireball, but she seriously lacks self-confidence. Tim also works with Jamie. 

Owen is Jamie’s boss, but he secretly has the hots for her. He eludes to his crush being a forbidden work romance, but he can’t help but be in love with his personal assistant. He decides to go for it, but how will he show her he can be more than her boss? 

Jonty is a hard-working man who is tired when he comes home. He isn’t meaning to neglect his wife and make her jealous of her children for his attention, but he is anyway. They had a fun, kinky lifestyle before kids, adding steaminess to this story. 

I can definitely see how a lot of mothers and wives reading this can relate to Billies feelings and emotions. However, I think the kink they describe, although exciting to read about, isn’t for everyone. I’m glad there are multiple povs in this story. As each one is different and in a separate time of their lives.

I love the hidden gems of praising another author in the story. Did you find it? Also, the cafe has been mentioned in other books, and I wish I could visit it. Jamie and Owen litterally get to play my dream with that Christmas market, so swoony and sweet. Their dinner is more sensual than expected, but at least they seem to be moving in the right direction. 

Lauren and Tim are a new couple, experiencing life and each other slowly. I did think their first time was sweet as the author presented it. Still, Lauren has significant issues with her own confidence. She doesn’t see herself in a positive light and has to be reassured a lot. 

Unfortunately, their happy little world of bliss comes crashing down on both of the new couples in this book, and there are heartbreaking decisions to make. But can they sacrifice their fears for true love? 

There seems to be an underlying theme through the story of holidays mixed with the literal issue one may face in their lifetime. 

This story ended amazingly, and I wonder if, in the future, these two amazing authors will collaborate on a book together. I have to say I love the little hints and incorporation of other works, characters, and authors in this story. Please feel free to comment if unsure where they are from, and I will happily recommend the stories to you. 

If you love Emma Lee-Johnson and her characters of Owen and Jamie, follow her, so you don’t miss what is coming soon. 

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