Maybe We Won’t (Silver Harbor Book 3) by Melissa Foster

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When workaholic Boston attorney Deirdra de Messiéres is passed over for a well-deserved promotion, she takes a two-month hiatus to show her boss just how much he needs her and heads home to Silver Island. But beyond seeing her sisters happy, home is not where Deirdra’s heart is. She has no interest in their family restaurant, the Bistro, or reliving hurtful childhood memories, and absolutely no interest in spending a single second with Josiah “Jagger” Jones, the Bistro’s too-laid-back musician and chef. Sure, the hippie is hot, but he drives her nuts. The guy lives in a van with his dog, and he can’t even commit to a solid work schedule. To make matters worse, he’s always around. She needs to get off the island, stat.

Jagger has overcome his own personal trials to place stock in life’s pleasures: family, friends, peace…and if he has his way, one positively beautiful, absolutely uptight attorney. Jagger knows he’s the perfect person to help Deirdra deal with her hurtful past and find her way back to being happy.

A chance encounter leads to deep conversation, and night after liberating night, Deirdra lets down her guard. But neither has plans to stay on Silver Island. Free-spirited Jagger has wanderlust, and Deirdra has a career to return to. They’re on different paths, and plans for a future together don’t stand a chance. But when has anything gone according to plan?

My Review

This is Deirdre’s story. She is sister to Abby and Cait, and this is the last book in the Silver Harbor Series. I don’t know about you, but I have grown to love that small beach town of Silver Island. Dierdra and Jagger are complete opposites, but they both have demons in their pasts, love their families, and enjoy making each other smile. This story is filled with thoughtful, romantic gestures as Jagger sweeps Dierdra off her feet and turns a fling into true love. Deirdra must consider embracing this new version of herself or returning to what she was. This book ends with an adventure and so much love bursting from the pages. I really enjoyed this lovely island read. 

We begin with Deirdra, the uptight attorney taking a small break from her organized and chaotic life. Jagger is a character and the exact opposite of Deirdra. He is also laid back and chill, but I’m sure there is a story. Their eventful collision is an excellent start to this read. 

Omg, the puns in this book and innuendos are excellent. Dierdra and Jagger get much more complicated as we know the heart of their troubles and life’s stories. Jagger is a surprising enigma. He is laid back and charming but has a huge heart and a history with Dierdras’ mother. He sees things differently, and I secretly love that he makes Dierdra feel special. I like when Dierdra comes out of her shell and becomes a carefree, fun-loving woman. 

This fling to love almost ends before it really begins and leaves the reader grieving for the loss. However, I like the realizations Dierdra gets as she finds herself again. This book ends perfectly with a romantic adventure that will give you all the wanderlust. 

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