Chosen: Silvercrest Pack, Book 1 by Eve Newton

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Firstborn Alpha’s son

When the Alpha of the Silvercrest Pack dies, I’m in line to take his place. I don’t want it, but it’s my responsibility, so suck it up, yeah? I’m not happy when I find that with the role comes a Fated Mate that I want nothing to do with. I’m not one to settle down. I like playing the field. I live for it. But when the connection becomes too strong for me to deny, I have a fight on my hands for her affection. Turns out she is as turned off by me as I was with her in the beginning. Innocent, sweet and kind, she is the exact opposite of me and the women I usually hang with. Dark, depraved and sarcastic are words I’d use to describe me. I have no way to connect with her because I don’t understand her. As I struggle to find my way ruling the Pack, along with the confusion of the Fated Mate connection, I find myself lost, alone and spiralling out of control. The only one who can save me, doesn’t want me. How will this end for me?

My Review

This paranormal romance deals with a bad boy Alpha, fated mates, and opposites attract romance. I like Bree; she is intelligent, shy, and innocent. Ryker is a bad boy with a dark side, but he learns to let the light in and find solace in love. I love that this couple is tested; it isn’t love at first sight; they must work for it and be humble and honest to complete the mating bond. Will they choose each other?

Ryker is the Alpha’s son and also a bit of a playboy. He isn’t ready for the responsibility as pack alpha, but he has been chosen. He is a wolf shifter bound by tradition.

Bree is an intelligent woman saving herself for marriage and looking at the men; she sees in her future. She doesn’t like Alpha or feels that way about him, but it seems fate has other ideas.

So far, the intimacy in this book is relatively subdued, nothing too steamy or burning up the pages yet, although that could change. I like this sudden change from bad boy to swoony Alpha in Ryker and the more confident Bree. However, these opposites have a lot of work to trust each other.

Things get steamy as this couple finally opens their hearts, but the secret might just ruin them. This book becomes action-packed as this couple makes poor decisions without communicating.

An action-packed risk, and this couple must heal what they have broken. This book gets steamy but is sweet. This book gets twisted at the end as surprises are revealed but ends happily.

If you want to read Chosen by Eve Newton, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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