A Set of Three by Melody Tyden

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My life seems to have hit a dead end. My acting career is stalled, my love life is non-existent, and earlier today, I found out that the man I’ve had a crush on for the last six months already has a boyfriend. It seems like things can’t get much worse when a passing car drenches me with water, leaving me soaking wet in front of the very man in question.

That’s when he offers to take me to his apartment to get cleaned up and things take a turn I could have never imagined. When one door closes, another opens; that’s what people always say, but I never knew there was a door like this waiting for me, one that would lead to two different but equally amazing men who are in love with each other but might just have room in their lives for me too.

Stepping through this door isn’t for the faint-hearted. I have to discover how to trust them both with my heart, deal with the ignorance of people who don’t understand the love we share, and learn to believe in myself too. If I can be brave enough, everything I ever wanted might be waiting on the other side.

My Review

This story is a unique take on a reverse harem but is more contemporary than most. The author of this book includes topics of mental health, a curvy main character, and an intriguing LGBTQ+ relationship. The story is sweet, very steamy, and focuses on communication and self-understanding. I did enjoy this read. I like how the author included all the topics from the heart. This book was interesting from the beginning but meant to expand people’s ideas on what love can be and who with. I did secretly enjoy the billionaire angle in the book.

Kimber wants to be an actress, but she doesn’t fit their usual model. She is a barista at the local coffee shop in Vancouver. She has a significant crush on Henry, a stud who comes in for coffee and gets the disturbing news that he is gay and has a boyfriend named Nick. She does seem to have a self-esteem issue.

We get Henry’s Pov as well. Henry is cautious, introverted, and also an environmental lawyer. His partner Nick is the owner who had the idea about adding to their relationship. But will she be on board?

Nick pov is intriguing, and he is definitely the braver of the two men, more outgoing and conversational. Although his approach was shocking, I did enjoy his honesty. He did get their proposition out there, but what will she decide?

This book gets as steamy as this menage trios explore each other. I like Nicks’s bluntness, Henry’s shyness, and Kimber’s happiness. However, I like the moments where they are talking and laughing with each other too. They go from a one-time thing to a few more times to the next step, with Kimber accepting having two boyfriends.

It isn’t all rainbows and paradise as they navigate communication, relationships, and emotions. I love that this book is written with acceptance and love at the story’s heart. They have some difficult moments, and maybe it is fairytale-like with the rich boyfriend and the sensitive boyfriend, but I think this Set Of Three story was genuinely inspiring. This book was written from the heart and helped promote mental health, self-confidence, and acceptance. I really like how this book ended.

If you want to read A Set of Three by Melody Tyden, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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