Becoming the Alpha:(Wolf Hollow Pack series)by Nicole Howl

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lily watched as her mate, Jason, fought for – and won – the right to claim her. She didn’t realize that meant without her consent.

Jason has just challenged his father – Alpha of the Wolf Hollow Pack and King of the wolf shifters. The rebels have decided to use this challenge to state their demands for the future of wolf shifters everywhere. Jason’s father, The King, is attempting to kill them all – because they didn’t have enough to deal with already.

Lily has to figure out how to forgive her mate, Jason has to figure out how to survive, and the pack has to figure out how to manage through this turbulent time. Lily and Jason need to secure their relationship, their status, and the pack before everything devolves into chaos.

This is book 2 in the Wolf Hollow Pack series.

My Review

This paranormal romance is a new adult read as the author does incorporate a little steam into her book. The story itself is very political with moves and countermoves to progress where they want to be. Both characters deal with hardships, and you see them grow and mature with their challenges. I love how the author incorporates fated mates, new adult romance, and the paranormal world into this story.

This book begins where the last book left off. Things have hit the fan for the Wolf Hollow Pack. Jason has just surprised himself and us with his actions. Lilly has gumption. I love her.

I love that we get Lillies perspective as well. Jason has a fantastic beta, Dean. This book is decidedly less YA as things heat up intimately and become more grotesque. This book gets more twisted, and politics and mating come into play.

I love the strength both characters display as they are forced to grow with their situations. This book ends in turmoil, but not for Lilly and Jason, which is refreshing.

The support and logical actions in this book are nice instead of the typical responses; these characters actually think before they act. I loved seeing Lilly being stronger than she was and overcoming so much hardship. Jason is a true leader and displays a brave kingship that I can’t wait to see come to fruition.

If you would like to read Becoming the Alpha by Nicole Howl, I recommend reading these books in order you can find the entire Wolf Hollow Series. You can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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