Dirty Little Midlife Dilemma: (Heart’s Cove Hotties Book 7) by Lilian Monroe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A hot, hilarious fresh start! Nora’s forties begin with a bang…or rather, a crash.

What’s worse than bumping into a parked motorcycle and tipping it over?

Easy. It’s bumping into a motorcycle, tipping it over, and sending it crashing into an entire row of bikes like horrible, slow-motion dominos.

What’s even worse than that?

Nora knows the answer. It’s when the first motorcycle in the row belongs to the hottest man in a hundred-mile radius, and he watches the whole thing happen.

Lee Blair looks like he wants to pop her head off her shoulders like a champagne cork.
Saying “oopsie daisy” doesn’t calm him down. Go figure.

Safe to say, Nora’s not having a great day.
Her fresh start isn’t exactly going to plan.

When she gets the bill for her mistake, she nearly breaks down.
In order to pay it off, she’ll have to move back in with her mother and beg for her old job back.
It’s every forty-one-year-old woman’s dream…not.

Until Lee offers her a solution.
He’ll take on the debt and let her pay it off over time…if she agrees to work for him.

What could possibly go wrong?

My Review

This book is part of The Heart’s Cove Hotties Series but can be read as a standalone.

This book was an intriguing read but a fantastic story. This midlife contemporary story starts shocking but ends up becoming a slow-burn workplace, forced proximity romance. The male Lee is swoony, sweet, and all alpha male. Nora is a basket case of complicated decisions and past damage. They both end up in a small town like no other, with unexpected circumstances bringing them together and chemistry bringing them closer. I love that the author embraced characters in their forties and surrounded them with friends, family, and love. I do kind of wish Lee was more of a bad boy as the setup was there but not embraced.

Nora had an oops that will cost her big; property damage is no joke even if she was startled and it was an accident. She has just moved to Hearts Cove and couldn’t wait to make this small-town home. Lee, the sexiest man, a bad boy biker, happens to turn her libido to mush.

Lee isn’t sure what to do with the insane protective instinct he has been burned before. But he takes his gallantry seriously and sacrifices his time to help Nora.

Okay, this must be someone’s dream cause in what world does a bad boy biker cancel a debt with an arrangement? I can’t wait to see what happens in this dreamy story.

Omg, the gossip in this small town and, of course, the ladies are a riot. Nora is a brave woman exploring her fantasies, even if it is on her own. We also get Georgia’s point of view. She is in a different walk than Nora but still thriving as she embraces her freedom and choices.

I like the depth of the characters the authors brings to this story. We get to understand how their minds work, reasoning, and past scars that dictate how they act now. Both Nora and Lee are damaged but not beyond repair, they haven’t lived easy lives, but their struggles have made them perfect for each other.

This author lets them go all the way and satisfies their intense chemistry. That scene was sweet, deliberate, and oh so hot. I love that he doesn’t give up even amid the chaos, instead stepping up and proving how much he cares. This book ended delightfully with a happy for now ending.

If you want to read Dirty Little Midlife Dilemma by Lilian Monroe, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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