Order Bound(3 book series) by Gladys Cross

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dark vampires, temperamental werewolves, and brilliant humans all vie for supremacy, as they have done for hundreds of years.

At the end of a lengthy war, both the humans and wolves were on the brink of extinction, thus banding together to rid themselves of the vampire’s leader, who turned more humans for his horde army by the day.

The Brooks clan, along with a few select vampires and wolves, formed an alliance, known as the Trinity, to keep order and balance among the races.

For the last hundred years, this secret organization has been successful, but at a steep price to its members, who know that war is only one treacherous act away.

Get ready to follow these brave individuals through a myriad of lies, deception, and, above all, passion as they navigate the twisted reality of the Trinity.

Grab your copy of the Order Bound Trilogy, where each book is more thrilling than the last.

(This book series contains a range of darker-themed sexual content with shifters in various forms.)

Holden (Order Bound Book 1)

Bound by duty, ruled by lust, lost to the consequences of both.

Janna showed up in my living room, in trouble. After the way we’d left things, I’d hoped to never see her again, let alone spare her life. But that wasn’t how my world, the one very few humans knew about, worked.

My family had been a part of the Trinity since its inception, working with the vampires and werewolves to keep humanity from becoming extinct. Sacrifice was expected of the Brooks clan and lately my old man had been harping on me to produce the next generation of members.

He may have had me backed into a corner, but before he forced my hand, I needed to break the news to the one woman I could never have.

Read on to find out how Holden’s choices affect not only the Brooks clan, but the vampires and werewolves as well.

Trinity (Order Bound Book 2)

A monster lies dormant inside of me, waiting to be unleashed by his mark.

In the realm of monsters, I was considered a freak. My visions of the future were always filled with blood, death, and suffering. Visions the Trinity used to help keep order amongst the vampires, werewolves, and humans.

None of my visions could have prepared me for the dark web of treachery and deceit that followed me like a shroud, nor the far-reaching consequences of meeting the werewolves second in command, Rhone.

Once set into motion, there was no stopping the chain reaction of events that would cause me to question my humanity and the price of passion.

The balance of power within the Trinity was upended when I marked Jade as mine, but I didn’t care. It was a compulsion I had no control over, and as long as it remained hidden from the vampires, a dodgy lot on a good day, no harm done. At least that was the lie I told myself.

Now here I was, gutted at the prospect of losing my mate. It went against every instinct I had to place her in danger, but she was the only one who could save us from the brink of extinction.

It wasn’t much of a choice. Trust Jade to unleash the monster hidden within and spare me from a life of madness, or doom us all.

Unbroken (Order Bound Book 3)

Despised. Hunted. Taken.

Darkness. It permeated my soul on the day I was created by the Tormentor and hadn’t left.

Most avoid me out of either fear or hatred. Not Kayla. Her beast recognized the swirling blackness inside me, calling it forth and embracing it.

That was the day I decided to make her mine. Now there was someone out there stupid enough to think they could steal from me. They’d soon figure out I was made for hunting and no one escaped my wrath.

My beast could put a sock in it. There was no way that sarcastic arse could be my mate.

No, I would figure out what he was up to and send him packing. My position within the Trinity depended on it. If only there wasn’t a part of me that didn’t feed off his dangerous energy.

Unfortunately, Lincoln wasn’t the only darkness seeking me out. Now I was caught in a minefield, stuck between the devil I wanted and the one stalking me. They both sought to break me, and I feared by the time I unraveled the mystery surrounding the missing humans, one of them may succeed.

My Review

Holden (Order Bound Book 1)

This book began with Joseph Brooks in the past, precisely 100 years ago. He and the villagers have an issue with them bearing the worst of the werewolf and vampire war, so they devise a plan to broker a treaty between the races.

The next chapter is Holden Brooks, I’m guessing a decedent of the man we got a glimpse of in the past. Of course, he seems to be attracted to the one woman he can’t have, Anne, the leader of vampires in the Trinity. His father is trying to set him up with a nice human girl. His dad gave him an ultimatum to marry her, or she would die; this girl was his high school sweetheart. But didn’t compare to the vampire women he loves.

This story gets steamy, but it isn’t well described. Unfortunately, the debauchery gets cut short with a mission. But it doesn’t end there as the author explores more with her characters interwoven relationships. This short, complicated story ends, but the rest is carried in the book Trinity. The author does include a snippet of it. However, it is just as confusing. I know I must read the next book. I did like this short story introduction to this fascinating series.

Trinity (Order Bound Book 2)

This story is filled with an unlikely heroine, an interracial mate, and interspecies matings. Jade is a badass woman who fights for what is right and what she loves. Her life changes irrevocably in this book, but she handles it all like a pro. This story is twisted, steamy, and action-packed as she and her mate battle the evil against them. So many secrets come to light, and Jade, Anne, and so many others must fight for the Trinity. I love the banter and the unique steamy scenes with shifters in various forms the author included in this book.

We begin this book with Jade, the granddaughter of one of the human members of the Trinity. She is Holden’s daughter and has a brother named Tristan. She has visions that help the Trinity but never her own future until today.

Ah, so that’s how that snippet comes about. Oh wow, that definitely changes things. I love it, though, Jade and him, who would have thought. But what does it mean for the Trinity?

This book gets all sorts of twisted as secrets to come to light. I love Jade’s character; she is a badass woman and heroine. I really enjoyed that the author includes unique aspects to her story, like the main character British words or the bedroom scenes and the feared Anne. These details really make the story stand out.

This book ends exciting with Jade becoming a better version of herself. I can’t wait to see where this goes next, and I love the snippet at the end of the upcoming book.

The snippet definitely leaves more questions than answers.

Unbroken (Order Bound Book 3)

This is the last book in the Trinity Series. I’m excited to read this book as the previous book didn’t end on a cliffhanger but kinda just finished. I’m not sure where this will go.

We jump back to hundred years with Lincoln; he is in the midst of a battle with vampires and werewolves; he is cocky and not sure what paranormal he is. Then we jump to the present day. The kingmaker is an exciting nickname, but he seems to have a history with Anne.

Kayla is related to Anne but calls her by a different name. Apparently, she is a werewolf, but I wonder if she is more of a hybrid, and why is her mate a vampire?

So I’m thinking Lincoln is some badass mercenary created by the torturer to fill his purposes of making an army. But time has changed, yet he hasn’t lost all those qualities or personality traits. He is also possessive.

Ah, we get some answers about what a mix of paranormal Kayla is. I find it fascinating the fated mates this author comes up with.
Okay, so I love these stories. I would love to know why each book focuses on the next generation.

The story gets steamy and a little adventurous in the bedroom, but it is smoking hot. They are happy for now, then it gets twisted as Kayla is hurt by a member of her own family .. this book gets suspenseful as well as you try to guess who?

The end of this book is action-packed, but the ending couldn’t have been better to cap off this multi-generational story. I enjoyed reading this series and the inventive history and couplings that the author put together. This book is filled with unique badass characters. I loved the interspecies mating and the whole premise behind the Trinity.

If you would like to read the Order Bound Trilogy by Gladys Cross, you can find this set on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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