Mine By Choice (THE CHOICE SERIES Book 1) by MJ Espinosa

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fated mates love story where the burn is slow, the family strong, the plot unexpected and the Alpha is truly unlike any other — he is human. Oh, and there’s an ancient curse.


Dr. Thomas Pierce DVM, is a rural veterinarian living in New Mexico. Fact-driven, skeptical and passionate, he has made his career the focus of his life. He grew up in a loving family. Mom, Dad and four siblings.

His life was the epitome of ordinary, until strange wolf paw prints started appearing on his property.

One fateful night he made a discovery which would forever change his life, reveal his true identity and determine the fate of everyone he loves.

My Review

I find it intriguing that the author includes a playlist at the beginning of this book. I also like that by reading the blurb, I know that the author flips the script on this one from the standard paranormal romance I read. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds. I love that this book incorporates character with language and translation. The storyline itself is a slow burn and lengthy, but oh so good; you can’t help but love the mystery, fated mates, and sacrifices. I’m totally intrigued by this book and can’t wait to find out the end of this story. The story takes on quite the journey from America to Spain, all on an adventure to break a curse that haunts the Infinity Wolf Pack. The characters come a long way from being scared and troubled to brave and unselfish. This book ended terrifically, and I can’t wait to read more in this series.

The prologue of this book is curious and full of heartbreak. Still, I’m genuinely intrigued to see who these characters are and how they relate to the story.

Tommy lives on a ranch in New Mexico with his family, specifically his brother; he is twenty-eight years old. He is a veterinarian, and his brother is definitely more of a bad boy. I love how the author integrated the culture in this book with translations. Weird things start happening to Thomas, but what can they mean. Yeah, I’m not putting the pieces together on this story very well.

This book is very good; I can’t put it down now; this vet has something strange happening to him and yet cares and comforts a wild wolf; what the heck is going on. Ah, the realizations start to come, and now this makes more sense. Thomas is not what he seems, but he finds out he is something different altogether. Having been raised in the human world, he is not exactly ready for that revelation.

This book gets steamy and semi-detailed as Mitena clarifies her intentions. The author is poetic in her descriptions it borderlines on surreal. We finally get to hear her story from her point of view, and Mitena is even more interesting and this curse she talks about.

I have to say this book has some length; by no means is this a few-hour read. But the story does progress with a slow burn, eventually erupting into an entire steamy scene and then multiple scenes. Even with this human to werewolf and fated mate’s story, I think Mrs. Reyes is my favorite character; she truly brings much life and wisdom into the book. I love that the main character was human until he wasn’t and now must learn the ways of the wolf and his fated mate. He also seems to get a few more truth bombs dropped on him, overwhelming his mind at first. So much yet to discover. I hope all my questions get answered.

This story is loaded with myth and legend as this couple navigates the now and the future. This book gets more twisted as it goes on, and the author uses some big words even I had to look up. This book ended better than I thought it would, and of course, I would love to read the next one in this series.

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