Sacrifice of the Septimus part 1 and part 2 by Stephanie Hudson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sacrifice of the Septimus: Part 1 (Afterlife Saga Book 8)

‘Together we stand and together we fall.’ Because this time, what is asked of the Chosen One, she cannot do alone. Keira finds herself enlisting the help of her friends as she goes beyond the realms of sanity and steps into a world the likes of no other. One that is filled with personal demons she has no choice but try and tame. Join our heroine as she must face the Fates head on and discover what it truly means to be the Electus.

Sacrifice of the Septimus: Part 2 (Afterlife Saga Book 9)

The Sands of Time are filled with dangers and new enemies to face. But for Keira to stand tall in a world she does not know, she must first brave the differences in loving the man she calls Draven and the man she must now call her King.
Join Keira as she is thrown into an ancient time and faces her biggest challenge yet…

How to get a Demon King to fall for a human girl he is forbidden to love.

My Review

Sacrifice of the Septimus: Part 1 (Afterlife Saga Book 8)

This book is the beginning of the actions taken to fulfill the prophecy. This book is steamy, funny, and oh so sweet. Kiera and Draven have this epic romance story that is riddled with the trouble of course. I love the supporting cast of characters and the antics they talk about. I can’t wait to read the next book in this saga. 

This book contains a warning for explicit content and graphic language. This book is meant for a mature audience. 

This book starts off with quite the question and then the ramblings and what if’s. This prologue is astounding and I can’t believe what it is insinuating how can they go from being happy at the end of the last book to Draven doing this. 

Then the first chapter starts in the past. But we are with Adam and Pip of course Sophia and Kiara. I’m so excited about the wedding and wedding planning finally. 

So much Is still a mess with Jack, the oracle, and more secrets from Draven. This book gets steamy of course and part of the prophecy is confusing. Leave it to Kiera to turn their wedding into an adventure.

Leave it to pip to plan a hilarious bachelorette party. But with the mission still hanging over their heads I’m wondering what action-packed circumstances will happen next. 

Kiera, Sophia, and Pip take quite the lead in this book with a plan for trouble that is sure to come back to them . However, the shows were amusing and comedic relief to the storyline. Now, what will happen? Of course, this book ends on a stunning cliffhanger. 

This book is in two parts so to get all the answers we have to read both books. 

Sacrifice of the Septimus: Part 2 (Afterlife Saga Book 9)

We see a new side of Kiera in this book as she journeys back to Persia. She becomes strong, intelligent, and loving and genuinely shows her pure soul. Her mission is challenging and complicated by things out of her control. Still, her cast of females to assist her on the journey is genuinely incredible. I loved every minute of this addicting read. 

We join Kiera on her journey back in time to Persia. In the last book, she is tempting fates and understanding the differences between the man she loves and the one she now faces alone. 

This book has a warning for explicit mature content. The preface of this book picks up at the last few chapters of book 1. 

Kiera faces many hardships during this time in Persia. Her goal seems achievable, but the timing is distant. The younger Draven is definitely fierce, angry, and smart. But a whole new King to connect with. Finally, we get one member of the girl squad back. Things are starting to look up. 

Kiera must pass some tests, and of course, her fiesty, sassy attitude, and her brave and pure heart come into play. Yaya, we finally get all the girls back, but we also get a history lesson. 

This book gets very exciting at the end, but Kiera still hasn’t accomplished her mission. Now she has some explaining to do. 

If you would like to read Sacrifice of the Septimus part 1 and Sacrifice of the Septimus part 2 by Stephanie Hudson you can find these books in the Afterlife Saga. They are both available on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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