Forgotten Heir:(Blueblood Vampires Book 3)by Michelle Hercules

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Have you ever heard of the curse of the middle child? It’s real, and it makes you invisible. Growing up in a house with three headstrong witches, I was usually stuck playing the mediator.

When I met Rikkon, I immediately felt a kinship to him. He wasn’t invisible like me, but in a sense, he was forgotten. We bonded over things we couldn’t control. He was struggling with his demons, and I was lost.

It was easy to fall in love, but that was when things got complicated. When I thought we could be more than friends, Rikkon’s past came to rip my hopes to shreds. He recovered his memories, and with it, the knowledge that he was never free to be mine. Someone else had staked a claim, a bond so strong, that no mortal human could break.

Foolishly, I made a vow to help Rikkon reunite with his true mate, not realizing that by doing so, I might have unleashed the wrath of Ellnesari in our world.

My Review

This book is definitely more fantasy than paranormal romance, but it is very twisted and heartwarming. I enjoyed Miranda and Rikkons story. I love that love won, and the story was very action-packed.

This book is Miranda and Rikkons story. They were both minor characters in previous books. Again this book begins in the middle of a story prior.

This story begins in the nightshade market with Miranda trying to help her sister Aurora out of her arranged marriage by hexing the man. We get both their points of view and a recap of events from the previous book.

Miranda is a typical middle child and high-school student getting in trouble for standing up for herself. We do get more of an interview on her family life as a child of the high witch. This book forces more into the fantasy realm as Miranda is now determined to get Rikkon back where he came from.

Oh, I really don’t like this mate bond to another woman that isn’t Miranda. This book gets action-packed as they embark on their adventure. Have no fear; this book gets twisted and heartwarming, and I love the direction it goes, even though it is more fantasy than paranormal.

The ending was surprising but didn’t resolve everything, but I’m glad Miranda got her man. Still, it might be a while, as it has taken an unexpected turn. I’m still interested enough to read more.

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