Ties That Bind: Ruthless Sinners MC by L. Wilder

Rating: 4 out of 5.


These are the ties that bind. As a Ruthless Sinner, I live by those words–all the brothers do. We’re family, our bonds stronger than blood, and as their sergeant at arms, my loyalty has never wavered–until the night they brought her to the clubhouse. 
The red-headed beauty didn’t belong there.
It was her brother who’d betrayed us, but there she was, atoning for his sins. 
I didn’t want to hurt her.

I wanted to protect her, claim her as my own, but as secrets started to unfold, I was left with an impossible choice.
The ties that bind often come at a price–some more costly than other

My Review

This MC romance is the perfect story about love where you least expect it and the bad boy biker who sets your body on fire. The book is steamy action-packed and gritty but a fantastic story. I loved every minute of Hawk and Delilah; even though they met under crappy circumstances, they absolutely turned it around and found love in each other. Hawk, the bad boy biker, was perfect to counterbalance Delilah’s sweet and sassy nature. This couple burned up the pages.

Hawk isn’t a complicated guy; he doesn’t like relationships and is open and honest. He has no past damage that makes him need to be saved; he just never wanted the complications of love until he met her. But she is off-limits. He is the Sergeant at Arms for the Ruthless Sinners MC.

Club business gets dirty as a supplier gives them some trouble. But it brings the sister to the club in an intriguing way. Delilah is a spitfire. I like her bravado and sassy attitude. Unfortunately, she gets involved in the club business in the worst way. I do like that we all have characters’ points of view.

Things get complicated as drama interlinks, and I have to say I didn’t see this coming. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Surprisingly everything works out, and the author doesn’t focus on the trauma with insane descriptions. I love how this book ended sweet and steamy.

If you would like to read Ties that Bind by L. Wilder this book is the first book in the Ruthless Sinners Mc Series. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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