Forbidden Lyrics by Kassie Noel

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What Dreah wanted the most in her life was freedom.
To choose her friendships and career. To fall in love.
She discovers that love with Rowan, but she was wrong to think she had a choice.
When her father rips that freedom away from her, she is forced to escape… Even if it means leaving everyone behind.

Rowan didn’t expect to fall in love at a party in L.A. But after one evening in the company of Dreah, he knows he’s done for.
She is everything he needs, all he’s been missing.
Then, she disappears, leaving him to move heaven and earth to find her.
Will he be able to prove that he not only loves her, but will also protect her?

This debut novel is a new adult romance with a thrilling twist. Travel and fall in love with its leading lady and her swoony partner.

My Review

I’m reading this book as an arc copy and leaving an honest review.

I absolutely love the playlist at the beginning of this book. 

This romance book surprised me from the cover, and I ultimately didn’t expect the stunning story it contained. I will admit I was confused by the prologue of this book before the story began, but I promise it makes sense later. The book starts very much like a contemporary romance; it isn’t until later that it gets very twisted. Rowan and Dreah present as a loving new adult couple with chemistry, great conversations, and amazing gestures. I loved the steamy scenes and the happiness that radiated off the pages. This is a whirlwind romance once it gets going super-steamy and swoony.

 However, their happily ever after isn’t what I expected, and the results are unfathomable. I didn’t foresee any of this by the title; the story is riveting, emotional, and twisted. This story is complicated and presented flawlessly. But the end of this book really wrapped it all back up in a suspenseful fashion that answers so many questions for me as a reader. This was a very well-written romantic suspense book that didn’t give anything away truly loved this story and the surprises that I didn’t see coming. 

If you would like to read Forbidden Lyrics by Kassie Noel, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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