Divisa Series by J.L. Weil

Saving Angel (Divisa Book 1) 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I couldn’t help but wonder what my life would be like if we had never moved to the ho-dunk town of Spring Valley, Illinois. Sure the internet service is splotchy, there is nothing but miles of wheat fields, and I probably wouldn’t be faced with death at every corner.

My only neighbor in this god forsaken town is…well, there really is only one to describe him—hot as hell. With his sinful dark looks, unusually silver eyes, and kissable lips, there is something about Chase Winters that is more than meets the eye.

Of course I am determined to find out.

Chase might be drool-worthy, but he is also insufferable, arrogant and…in short a d-bag. Our relationship is anything but love at first sight. Not even close. There is something weird about the family living next door.

What I hadn’t expected to find is an underworld of trouble.

Chase and his cousins Lexi and Travis are Divisa—half-demon, half-human. Getting them angry is hardly in my best interest, not if I want to live.

As it turns out, that might be the least of my problems. I’ve been tagged by Hell.

Now every ugly, nasty being from hades is on my trail. I have suddenly became a magnet for demon disaster, and the only way I am getting out of this alive is by putting my life in the demon spawn’s hands.

One wrong decision and my butt is toast.

Hunting Angel (Divisa Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chase Winters is the bane of my existence.

But he is also the lifeline of my heart and soul. Literally.

Things are steaming up between us and between the sheets. When his lips aren’t locked with mine, they are spewing verbal crap. Half the time I don’t know whether to kiss him or slap him. Our bond is more than just being connected—we are soulbond. The closer we get, the stronger the bond takes hold, and now-a-days it seems we are inseparable.

There is a new addition to our little town, one that has all the Divisa on guard—a hunter has taken up residency. This hunter is not just another threat, not when their identity hit so close to home. Strife divides my neighbor’s household surrounding this supposed enemy. Could they be friend or foe?

Chase’s number one priority in all this as always, is to keep me safe.

Regardless of what Chase thinks, I’m not a weak and fragile human. And there is nothing I won’t do to keep Chase from harm. He might drive me up a freaking wall, but he is my pain in the ass. I am not about to sit back and let some hunter fire an arrow through his heart. Not if I can help it.

Then there is the one question that is on everyone’s mind: Will the hunter kill us or save us.

Chasing Angel (Divisa Book 3) 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chase Winters is one of a kind.

That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t get on my nerves more days than not, but his arrogance is starting to be sexy. Together our bond grows stronger, and so do we.

Just as we hurdle one obstacle, two or three more pop up. Go figure. It isn’t enough that Emma once again hates our guts, now Travis has decided to go all demon-zoid on us. I could hardly blame him though; he had lost the girl of his dreams—again.

After everything that we have endured, I am not the same girl anymore. Not since the day I met Chase. The icing on the cake—there is a new player in town, and he is not human. Hell has decided to pay Spring Valley a visit, and Chase and I are their first stop. Our quiet little town was about to shatter.

Of course there is also our rare bond to factor into all of this, and the pesky last piece. Or maybe it isn’t as pesky as it is combustible.

Soul. Heart. Body.

Oh dear God…

Loving Angel (Divisa Book 4)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Loving Angel isn’t easy. Actually, it’s downright exhausting, but somehow she weaseled her way into my life. She has become my everything—my reason for existing—my reason for breathing. I love the ever-loving crap out of Angel Eyes. There is nothing I wouldn’t endure for her—even college.

College. Ugh.

I hope the frat boys, the jocks, and the nerds are prepared for what is about to embark on their school this fall. Half-demons. Hunters. And um, the Keystone? Yeah, that is going to take getting used to.

We aren’t exactly your average freshman. And somehow I find myself stuck with a bunch of troublesome females to look after. Angel. Emma. Lexi. Pretty sure I got the raw end of the stick.

But that isn’t the worst of it. There is someone lurking in the shadows—spying and stalking my girlfriend. He is a dead man. How many people am I going to have to kill for this girl? A better question would be how many people wouldn’t I kill for her?

As many as it took.

Angel is about to experience betrayal of the worst kind. And this time, it’s not entirely my fault—shocker.

My Review

Saving Angel (Divisa Book 1) 

This book is advertised as like “Twilight”. I decided to read it to see. I enjoyed Angel and Chase, from the sparks to the intense action and even the steamy scenes. This couple captivated my attention. The author included many tropes I love, like paranormal, supernatural, and enemies to lovers. This book reads very much like a “Twilight” young adult story. It was enthralling, action-packed, and connected with the characters. I can’t wait to read more in this series.

We start from Angel’s point of view. She is moving from Tucson, Arizona, to Spring Valley, Illinois. She isn’t thrilled about the move, but she doesn’t have a choice since her family has become broken. Her mom is somewhat like a beta friend as she has discovered her freedom. Her dad is in Arizona state prison. She is a fan of video games but not a fan of new schools.

She makes a friend next door, Lexi but has an interesting first encounter with her cousin Chase. He is stunned, and she is using him as eye candy. But he is also an insufferable jerk. In town shopping, she notices that people aren’t as lovely or just move out of their way, but why? Lexi seems normal, but Chase has moments that might seem more supernatural. He is a bad boy, and I think her brother is nicer.

Chase again shows some compassion by rescuing her in the forest, but it doesn’t answer any supernatural questions. Oh, we finally get an answer Chase and others she has met are Divisa, but I won’t explain that to you. You will have to solve the paranormal mystery on your own while reading this book.

Chase and Angel are very good at hating each other. The other perfectly sums up their young adult paranormal romance. “like fire and ice, Hot as hell one minute and cold as ice the next. ” This book gets action-packed as she is in danger, but her dark knight seems to rescue her when needed. This book ends on a low note but will surprise you. Be ready for an emotional overload, from heartbreaking to hopeful. I can’t wait to read more in this series with these characters.

Hunting Angel (Divisa Book 2)

This is the second book in this series; we finally uncovered what Chase is and why he is so attracted to Angel in the first book. Now what? The first book was very much like Twilight, and I enjoyed the mystery, action, and young adult romance.

Chase winters is now connected to Angel after saving her life somehow. But it has also changed; she could resist the angsty bad boy till he became sweet and protective. Their chemistry is off the charts, and I love the sassy comments and fiesta comebacks.

Angel doesn’t work out what she is now, only that she feels differently when Chase is near. Her attraction level to him has gone up, but they still tease like they are flirty and fun. Somehow when he saved her life, he tied their souls together forever.

Angel is a target for all trouble, especially now that she is marked and scented. The author surprises you with a big twist in the story, and wow, I didn’t see this coming as if they didn’t have enough trouble; let’s add more. However, I feel bad for Travis. There are books out with more in-depth into this character and himself.

The relationship between Chase and Angel is scorching and cold and dramatic in this book, and the steamy scenes don’t get much past YA Romance. I like that the characters haven’t changed in personality since the first book. This book ends happily even though it has times when you think it is over.

This book was an action-packed continuation of the first book in this series. Lots of drama, surprises, and supernatural, paranormal romance. This book is very young adult in the chemistry and high school setting. We spend most of our time in Angel’s thoughts, feelings, and conversations. However, every once in a while, we get a different character’s voice in the storyline to spice it up. The author has also included a bonus of Chase’s perspective at the end. This story was an amazing continuation of their slow burn, neighbor to lovers’ romance. I like that the author kept the characters original and true to the storyline.

Chasing Angel (Divisa Book 3) 

It is no longer like Twilight but just Paranormal Romance Fiction at this point in the series.

This is the third book in this series, as I have grown to enjoy Angel and Chase’s hot and cold paranormal romance. This book picks up where the last left off with a crazy bond and more issues for this high school couple. The couple gets tested in this new adult paranormal romance with creatures and a long-lost relative, causing problems in this happy little world and speeding up their intimate timeline. This book progresses this story forward as they battle for each other and their loved ones. This book gets steamy finally, but I also love Angels’ new heroine changes.

Chase has the willpower of a Saint even though he is a half-demon. On the other hand, Angel can’t help but respond to the chemistry between them ramping up. They have a connected heart and soul but not the body.

One problem gets fixed, but another arises, and they feel the calm before the storm. They still haven’t gotten intimate as Chase doesn’t want her to give up her wants, and he wants her to be able to walk away, but honestly, it is only a matter of time.

This book gets hot, taking in steaminess and in, you know, the creatures from below. Yeah, this book gets twisted and dark as they battle something genuinely evil, and they don’t even know what it wants and why. Oh, this gets worse, and their procrastination might cost them. Oh, the author ties this off perfectly, and now I can’t wait to see what happens next. I think she made the right decision, but what will that mean for future books.

Loving Angel (Divisa Book 4)

This story picks up on graduation day in Spring Valley. This is the second to the last book in this series, and we join Angel and Chase as they go to college. She is fully bonded with him now and a keystone, whatever that is, but he is one scary protective, loving half-human half-demon.

I’m happy to say Angel is now a badass heroine with very cool supernatural powers. Where the other books have been from Angel’s perspective with hints of Chase, this one seems to be from his, and it feels like the wording is a bit out of character for him; we didn’t get his innermost thoughts, but then what we did get I don’t see him using some of these words. Maybe it is me, but I don’t imagine this human demon man using slang words to describe things.

For stay, Angels and Chase’s bond opens up a whole different catastrophe at college. Chase must do something for the love he never thought he would have to do, and he leaves this on a cliffhanger. I do like the bonus epilogue from Angels’ point of view.

There is another book in this series Redeeming Angel. However, I have decided not to read it. I’m sure it will end happily for Chase and Angel, but the storyline isn’t interesting to me anymore.

At this point, this series that started very similar to Twilight has progressed into very not similar with demon powers and hell on their doorstep. Chase and Angel’s relationship is hot and steamy but also very supernatural. I did enjoy the mystery of what he was in the first book and why she mattered in the second, but by the third and fourth, I was beginning to lose the enjoyment of this series as it seems to be the same battles constantly. If you like supernatural, paranormal, and forbidden love, you can try this series out and see what you think.

Other books in this series

Redeeming Angel (Divisa Book 5) 

Losing Emma
Breaking Emma

Divisa: The Complete Series

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