OUTLAW: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 1) by Nicole James

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When outlaw biker, Cole Austin sees a young woman handcuffed and being dragged across the yard of the Dead Souls Motorcycle Club’s remote clubhouse, he’s stunned by the realization of just how dark his world has become. This scene is even more than his twisted soul can stomach. Compelled to intercede and save her, he has no idea his whole world is about to change. He believes he’s doing the right thing until a secret she’s hiding makes him question if saving her may be the biggest mistake of his life.
The two strike a deal, a deal they may both come to regret.
Is there anything he won’t do for her or are there some things he just can’t?

My Review

If you love outlaw bikers bad boys, you will love this story. It is heartbreaking, emotional, swoony, and steamy. There are many unexpected surprises, and this couple has quite the journey to happiness. If you love the drama and characters of Sons of Anarchy, you will absolutely love Cole Austin. This book was terrific indeed, a five-star read.

Cole Austin is a hard-ass, soft-hearted bad boy. He does things straight up but still cares about the women. He is has been in the mc clubs for a long time and now is the VP of Evil Dead Mc.

Wyatt, his friend and club President of the Dead Souls MC club, is an older mc with plans for retribution against his rivals, the Hyenas. Unfortunately, someone in his club is messing up big time, and Cole decides to be a knight in shining armor.

This book is exciting, and the connection between Cole and Angel is intriguing. I love that he cares so much, even if he is brash about it. His decision leads him to save a girl in need, but now he has got himself in lots of trouble.

Okay, so this book is reading like a Sons of Anarchy show, with Cole being a lot like Jax Teller. This book has a heartbreaking scene and then jumps forward three years. I’m pretty surprised by the bomb Angel drops on Cole. I’m even more impressed by his willingness to help.

Their chemistry is still burning the pages and definitely hot. This story has a lot of heartbreak before it gets happy again, and this couple has quite the journey. But this book ends amazingly. I love this story. There is more in the series I may read eventually after I get off my book hangover from this excellent read.

If you would like to read Outlaw by Nicole James you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. This book is part of the Evil Dead MC Series but each book can be read as a standalone.

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