The Curse and the Prophecy (Cold Lake Pack Book 1) by Melody Tyden

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Claimed by a man she has only met once, the sheltered and inexperienced Aurelia is drawn into the middle of a conflict she knows nothing about.

Alpha brothers Killian and Jaxon have been separated by a curse placed on their pack many years ago. For reasons no one fully understands, Aurelia is prophesized to play a vital role in bringing them back together. She’ll need to learn how to navigate her way around her new pack, her new mate, the powers she never knew she had, and an unusual connection that she can’t control.

My Review

This paranormal romance story contains twists, turns, and truths that are absolutely addicting to read and reread. I love how the author incorporated many notable tropes into the story, including fated mates, choose mate, phrophecy, and supernatural aspects. This story has many unforgettable characters, with Killian, Dane, Aurelia, and Jaxon really becoming highlights in the book. I love the steamy scene and action scenes. This book ended amazingly, and this was a very satisfying paranormal romance read.

Aurelia truly believes in fated mates. She is a werewolf and dreams of meeting her other perfect half. All she wants is to be loved and cherished. I love that she is a bookworm. Her sixteenth birthday doesn’t go as planned; instead, an unknown Alpha surprises her parents and makes a deal. Her father drops the news that will shatter her dreams and beliefs.

The book then jumps two year’s forward in time. Tonight Alpha Jaxon comes to collect on his treaty. Aurelia is getting ready to submit to her fate. She is just eighteen years old now and fierce but innocent. She is understandably nervous. But she is also different, which the author highlights with her quick outward description.

Alpha Jaxon is pack leader of the Crimson Moon Pack, a new pack that had broken off from his family’s pack, the Cold Lake Pack. She knows next to nothing about this pack and their Alpha, and the first few chapters are her point of view, but we do eventually get him as well. Oh, the first encounter definitely doesn’t go as planned. She meets Dane, Jaxson’s Beta, and at least he is friendly and speaks.

This mating isn’t quite what she thought it would be. I feel bad for Aurelia. I really like Dane and think Alpha Jaxson is an Alpha-Hole. We also get to meet Alpha Killian, Jaxson’s older brother, leader of the Cold Lake Pack. Killian seems like a nice guy. He desires his fated mates as well but has yet to find her. This book gets explicit for mature readers with this many single males satisfying their needs.

This story gets twisted a more of this phrophecy gets revealed even his Beta is questioning his judgment toward his chosen mate. We get Jaxson’s point of view and reasoning, but it doesn’t really help him not be an Alpha-hole with how he treats Aurelia. He knows phrophecy is at stake, so he does what he is. This story has a few steamy scenes as Aurelia tries things to help her win over Jaxon.

The author gets very naughty in this book with Dane and Aurelia; don’t be surprised. However, Aurelia’s special powers are so extraordinary and definitely unique. I love that this leads to truths, twists, and turns in this story that keeps you hooked on this book. I can’t wait to see how all this plays out. Oh, this gets even more twisted with that new revelation, and now what will she do. It is amazing how this whole plot and phrophecy hinge on an innocent female decision. I actually love her decision and loved how the story ended.

More to come in this series with The Spell and The Legacy; you don’t want to miss out on the Cold Lake Pack Series.

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