Running from the Rockstar: A Second Chance Rockstar Romance by Melissa Riddell

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Love can be a neverending storm of passion…or hate.

Paxton Ross is a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Finding his father dead in a seedy motel room due to an overdose, sixteen-year-old Paxton suddenly becomes homeless and destitute.

Terri Kingston is a girl who seems to have everything: a lavish lifestyle, a good school, a perfect family. Except outside appearances can be deceiving. What she needs most—love and acceptance—has always been denied.

When Terri and Paxton meet during their teen years, their worlds collide into a messy, beautiful, forbidden love.

But Terri’s parents tear them apart for twelve years. When they run into each other again, things have changed, and not for the better.

Will they get a second chance to find true love, or will the temptations of the rockstar world rip them apart once more?

My Review

This rockstar romance is about chances for love, life, and freedom. Paxton has lived a very difficult life, as you read, for his younger high school years and beyond but he finds his angel, admits the pain, and, unfortunately, loses her. Terri is broken but differently, but she finds her fire and becomes something more. They run into each other again and in the future, and things are rocky, but they decide to give each other a chance. This book does mention drugs, suicide, and other topics that may offend some readers, but it ends very peacefully.

This book starts in the past with Paxton remembering the trauma and life he lived when he found his father dead. We get to relive right along with him the worst day of his life and why he is scorned about love.

We switch perspectives to Terri in the next chapter, still in the past. She remembers how her father changed her life forever by fostering Paxton Ross.

Paxton is outspoken but intelligent; he is shy, but I could blame him for his circumstances. Her mother verbally assaults Terri, and her younger sister Lana is very chatty. Paxton finally gets to go after what he wants and wants to play music. Even though he is her foster brother, I see a bit of chemistry in his interactions with Terri.

Paxton is wise beyond his years, and the advice he gives is smart even though he is only in high school. Terri needs to be herself and only please her leaf and stop letting others trample all over her. This story seems to take place in their high school years. Their teenage chemistry gets them in trouble as this book gets steamy and has consequences.

About halfway thru this book, we jump to the present day. Terri is a radio station manager, I think, in a small station in Arizona. Interestingly, she and Angela, her friend from school, know Viktor personally. Paxton is now a musician, but he seems to owe his fame to someone, and the people around him are no good. But it looks like a chance meeting may happen. Also, things books seem to have all the characters running into each other in the future which is somewhat weird since Jay and Katrina are there.

They have a lot of history to resolve; they are to have a second chance, and I hope Paxton cleans up his act. Because what he is doing will also break her heart. Unfortunately, I don’t blame her reaction to what she saw. However, I wonder what she’ll do about it. Just as I thought she was done, she surprised me, but they both have a long road ahead. The end of this book was peaceful.

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