The Deeper I Fall (A Calamity Falls Small Town Romance Novel Book 10) by Erica Kelly

Rating: 4 out of 5.

He’s a rough and rugged hockey player. She’s a posh British princess. To win an enormous inheritance, they’re forced to live together.

This is not going to go well.

When his former hockey coach passes away, Declan Cadell is shocked to learn the man left him a cattle ranch. Well, not exactly. He’s got one little hurdle to jump first. He has to win a trivia contest against the man’s estranged daughter. Oh, and there’s a caveat: he’s only in the running if he lives and works with the spoiled princess who blew off one of the greatest men he’s ever known.

As if it wasn’t hurtful enough that Seraphina Crutchley’s biological father replaced her with a bunch of sweaty hockey boys, now he’s forcing her to vie for her inheritance with one of them. Worse, the guy clearly can’t stand her because if—no, when she wins the contest—she’ll sell the land and return home to London. Why on earth would she keep a cattle ranch in Wyoming?

But Seraphina comes to learn the contest is about so much more than a ranch. It’s about learning who her father was and why he stopped asking to see her. It’s about falling in love…and finding the courage to fight for it.

My Review

This story is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone; however, you can find the entire Calamity Falls Small Town Romance Novel Series on Amazon. This small-town romance begins in Calamity Falls, WY, with Declan and Phinny. They are both attending a funeral and have significant ties to the late Kurt Grevers. Phinny doesn’t know it yet, but she is in for a change. Declan is forgoing his own issues in favor of his old friends’ wishes. This story includes forced proximity, an enemies to lovers, romance, and sports. This book is emotional, romantic, and steamy. I loved the characters and the overall intriguing story. I’m glad it ended happily and loved the feelings that radiate off the book’s pages. 

The story began in the prologue ten months ago. Seraphina feels like a superstar as she is praised at a London Elite event by her stepfather and Mother. She is also in a relationship with Cameron, who runs the foundation and is a billionaire. Omg, he proposes, and she is not excited about it. Her word implodes all because she declines his proposal. This is important to the story later on. 

We jump to Declan, and ten months later. He is at a funeral. Her father and lawyer definitely have up to something mischievous in the late coach’s will. Now Phinny and Declan must live on the ranch and work it and answer trivia questions to see who wins the rights to it, the estranged daughter of the hockey boy who is like his son. 

The author adds humor and history as the characters navigate their circumstances. This book gets a little steamy as some truths come out about their lives. This story goes from emotional disaster with tears in your eyes to romantic moments that leave you swooning. Phinny found a lot of evidence about the man her father was, and it is quite a contradiction to the man she thought he was. Declan can’t help but be sweet to her even though they compete for this land. They both seem to be catching feelings as they navigate this hot mess. Will they find love? 

Their relationship blows up so quickly, and it is crushing. I wonder when he will get his head out of his butt and get his girl. This story does end happy, and it is a fabulous authentic ending. I genuinely enjoy the posh princess of high society becoming a country girl. 

If you would like to read The Deeper I Fall by Erica Kelly, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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