The Last Eligible Billionaire by Pippa Grant

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He’s a billionaire heir. A grump supreme. Hater of people. Bigger hater of peopling with people. And my new fake boyfriend.

Emotionally unavailable doesn’t even begin to describe Hayes Rutherford. He’s cold. He’s distant. He has more defenses than a nuclear missile silo. And he’s the ultimate catch of the century. At least, according to his bank statement.

My job’s simple: Keep Hayes’s matchmaking relatives and all interested ladies away from the cranky, grumpy, walled-off heir to my favorite movie empire by pretending to be his one true love, and in return, he won’t ruin my life over a teensy, tiny little misunderstanding.

But the more I sneak past his walls and fences, the more I realize that while we might be from different worlds, we have more in common than either of us expected. The man under all the glitz, glamour, and dollar signs could be the real love of my life.

But you know what they say about fake dating a billionaire—it’s all fun and games until the scandals start.

My Review

This contemporary romantic comedy is a must-read. I love Marshmallow, and he should be a star character as he makes this story hilarious. The fake relationship and billionaire aspects also make for an intriguing story, along with the quirky female lead Begonia. Hayes Rutherford isn’t an awful character, and I warmed up to his personality throughout the novel. Begonia is insightful, funny, and sassy, and I love her down-to-earth nature. She is the light, rainbows, and life in this book, and I love the sunshine she blesses people with. Hayes has issues, but he does resolve them with a bit of help and a big gesture, and this story ends happily and is not fake.

Hayes Rutherford, the last eligible bachelor billionaire in his family under eighty, arrives at his vacation home sans security and finds it broken into with the culprit still inside. The fridge is open, the house is a mess, and a hyena sings and waxes in his bathroom. What will he do, and who is she? This book is hilarious with dry humor and snarky comments.

Her name is Begonia, and she thinks she rented a beach mansion to live in on vacation from life to two weeks after her divorce. Two days in, she meets Hayes. Oh, the humorous mix-up and the dog Marshmallow in this story make it that much better omg, I’m can’t breathe; I’m dying of laughter.

He comes up with the idea that might work, but he is still a jerk. Of course, now his mom and her friend, the heiress, actor, and assistant, are playing dating chicken with him and his new fake girlfriend, and the one-liners in this book keep getting better.

This book gets steamy but is this real now or fake the lines are blurring, and it is getting hard to tell. In all of this fake, Hayes has an epiphany about what he would like reality to be like, and he does have significant trust issues, but he isn’t a bad guy, just tired due to circumstance. Begonia is fantastic and so caring, and she turns his work on its axis, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

I love how this story ends, and the authors got sappy and included one more hilarious moment for this couple. Omg, her sister is fabulous, just like Begonia. The fake relationship finally blows up in their faces, and I’m back to hating Hayes. He finally pulls his head out of his rear with intervention and a grand gesture. I’m so glad he fought for the women who brought him back to life and filled him with love and happiness.

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