The Pentagram Child: Part 1 (Afterlife Saga Book 5) by Stephanie Hudson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After finding out the traumatic truth, Keira tries to move on from the doors of Afterlife and the love lost through a world of pain.
But Afterlife’s King isn’t yet done with her and Keira once again finds herself stood opposite the man who broke her heart.
However the truth that she thought she knew would soon unravel and Keira finds herself following the ribbon of lies all the way to the very gates of Hell. And as Keira knows more than most, the pursuit of truth can be a dangerous game to play when your opponents are Supernatural killers.

My Review

This book is a continuation of Kiera and Draven and all the action, adventure, and love as they work through communication and fate’s plans for them. Like most books, this includes part of the story that will have you on the edge of your seat and parts that will have you swooning. This is a two-part story linking the rest with book 6 in the Afterlife saga

This book does have a warning for mature content.

We pick up with Kiera, still haunted by Draven but in her dreams. Wow-what a vivid dream who is this pentagram child? 

I’m so glad Draven is getting a taste of his choices and how hurtful they are. I love that Sophia is willing to give him a tongue lashing for what he has done. A boyfriend for Kiera, and of course, he is supernatural. But she is genuinely nuts to add on to her pain. She wants to be spending time with the one man who broke her. 

It is weird to read about Kiera with a boyfriend who isn’t Draven. Of course, all her dates seem to epically fail with the boyfriend more interested in work than her. Of course, like always, Draven does finally beacons sweet start to earn back her trust and love and explains why he did what he did. However, we also get crying Kiera back, and of course, she gets retaken because the entire world is out to get her. And, of course, this book ends on a cliffhanger.

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