unSPEAKable: A Sweet Rockstar Romance (Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers Book 5) by Arya Matthews

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Charlie Adler is just an ordinary social media coordinator. Or is she?

Charlie’s family had plans for her future, but she went off on her own, leaving behind everything, including her identity.

She relishes her freedom for a few years, but when Charlie is seriously injured in a car crash, she must pause her rebellion and seek help.

Help that comes in the form of Zach Tang, Project Viper’s roguish pianist, who also happens to be her boss. Sort of.

Always on a mission to tick her off for laughs, Zach is the last person Charlie expects to offer help. But since his bandmates have abandoned him for the summer, off on adventures of their own, Zach is bored out of his skull and needs something to keep his restless mind occupied.

Despite Charlie’s belief she’s just a charity case, seeing Zach dedicate himself with selfless abandon to her recovery forces her to accept he’s more than a fame-drunk, millionaire brat turned rock star.

Also, she’s not the only one with secrets. Zach has plenty of his own.

For starters, he knows who Charlie really is.

My Review

This book is a clean rockstar romance with amazing characters that will hook you into their life and make you smile and cry. Charlie and Zach’s story is like no other and a fabulous ending to this series. They are both damaged inside and running from life’s expectations, but they find solace in each other. This story does have its ups and downs as they learn to love themselves and each other. This enemies to lovers romance also includes forced proximity and a fake relationship. I also loved the secrets the characters eventually shared with the readers. I love the playlist at the end of the book. This book is part of The Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers series but can be read as a standalone.

I love the chapter titles as tracks that fit a rockstar romance book. This is Zach’s story, project Vipers pianist. Zach is a goofball, an energetic, larger-than-life personality who loves his friends and family. He is very well off even before Project Vipers’ fame.

Charlie is at a Project Viper event, a wedding for Shane and Juliette. She kind of wishes she had a plus one, but at the same time, she hasn’t found anyone yet. She is twenty-three and seems to hate Zach. He is just too much and always irritates her. They seem to banter well back and forth. Charlie has so many secrets or skeletons she isn’t too comfy talking about, and now I’m curious about her story. She is also the one in charge of Projects Vipers social media.

Zach is alone in the big house for the summer as the other band members’ take trips with their families and loved ones. While dying of boredom on his staycation, Zach gets a call to check on Charlie from her roommate Micah. Just wow, that description of Charlie wreck couldn’t have been more vivid but not gory. I love how close all the characters in this story are to each other. We get a peek into Charlie’s secrets as she shares things from her point of view. I can’t blame her at all for loving her freedom.

Zach is a good guy who cares. I love that he is protective and intelligent. Zach has perseverance, and I can’t blame it, but a road trip? I’m not sure that is the best idea, albeit I’m sure it will have its moments. Zach decides to do some internet searches on Charlie with more questions than answers. He gets some intriguing info, but I’m not sure it isn’t the whole story. I love how they progressively and slowly fall for each other, but both are too damaged to admit it. Then things come crashing down in an emotional wreck you don’t expect.

Now I cling to the hope that Zach and Charlie will find each other again.I love the ending of this book, even though I felt it was a long time coming. However, the author wrapped this up perfectly.

If you would like to read unSPEAKable by Arya Matthews you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. This is the 5th book in the Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers Series.

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