Irish kisses by Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An Enemies to Lovers Romance with all the feels.

I think I’m going to kill my new boss.
He’s Connor McGrath: smoking hot, legendary Irish MMA fighter.

He lives up to his reputation: Hot-tempered, cocky, and infuriatingly sexy.
When I’m given him as my next assignment in event planning, I do everything I can to wiggle out of it.
But it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to prove myself, and I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.
One night on the beach and under the moon, I find out there’s much more to Connor than his rippling abs and cocky demeanor.

In fact, I share a spark with him I’ve never shared with another man.

Just one kiss, can’t hurt, right?

Even if he is my “boss.”

The problem with a guy like Connor is that he’s a drug.
And once I get a taste? Stopping is impossible.

I wish it were as easy as he and I getting together and riding off to the sunset together.
But a man like Connor always has extra complications.
We’re two people of lives of our own. And I’ve never been a fighter groupie.
But it turns out having a man like Connor who will go to war for you?
Well, it’s got it’s perks

Our story is one with an ending I never saw coming. And it’s also one I’ll never forget.

My Review

I enjoyed this enemies-to-lovers sports romance stand-alone book. Connor and Crystal are both complicated characters. We get an in-depth look at Connor but not at Crystal. However, the romance of this story was forbidden, sizzling, and so naughty. I loved how the author stayed true to her main character and incorporated a lot of Irish words. The island adventure will leave them happy or hurting; you have to read the book to find out. 

Connor is a hot-headed, Irish MMA fighter, but he needs some work on his image to make the right kinda of money. His publicist hired him as a smoking hot image consultant. Crystal is sassy, feisty, and used to putting up with macho men like Connor. I love her already. Connor is a hot-headed male and gets himself into trouble and a fight. Now we get an adventure to Easter Island. 

Crystal is determined to get out of this contract; there is no way she can work and be attracted to Connor. But she must follow the rules, and absolutely nothing can happen with her new superstar of a man. Unfortunately, her boss drives a hard bargain, and she stands to benefit from this headache.

As they spend time together on the island, the chemistry ramps up but so do the questions. Crystal is hiding something from her past, and Connor has to solve a riddle again. This story gets mysterious, just like the island they are on. However, the author doesn’t spare the sizzling scenes, so be ready to burn your device as you read. This book sure gets steamy as time ticks down toward the ultimate fight. 

However, he gets a huge surprise but is it real or fake? I can’t believe she gives up; omg, what the heck. However, we didn’t get more info about her past. I would have liked to get to know Crystal more. It is fight day, and his life is a mess; how will he fix all this and win? This book does end happily, but the surprises in the storyline are magnificent and too good to add spoilers.

This book is a standalone story but it is also part of a series The Windy City Bad Boys you do not need to read the first book to read this book.

If you would like to read Irish Kisses by Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases,

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