Always Off-Limits Always Tempting by Ava Munroe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Her brother’s fireman best friend keeps popping up in her kitchen, and he can definitely handle the heat…

Cami’s got everything she ever wanted: a popular bakery, the curvy body she finally grew into, and now even a spot in a televised baking competition.

Well, maybe she doesn’t have *everything* she ever wanted.

Because when her brother’s best friend, Dane, is the fireman on call to put out a flame in Cami’s bakery, she feels a familiar heat between her legs.

She knows she should keep her distance—Dane is a grade A grump and he’s made it clear in the past that he won’t fall for his best friend’s sunshine-y little sister.

But when that fire in Cami’s bakery puts her in need of a new kitchen, Dane turns out to be the only person with a decent solution. Now Cami is spending every day hanging around his fire station, and she’s remembering why she developed that childhood crush on him so long ago.

Cami can’t let herself fall for Dane; she was rejected by him once, and she has zero desire to go through that heartache again. Allowing herself to entertain fantasies of the scorchin’ hot fireman can only end badly, distracting her from her upcoming baking competition and sending her ego up in flames.

My Review

This book is a sweet contemporary romance about a fireman and bakery owners. These two have been icing each other for years. But she is off-limits as she is his best friend’s little sister and he is the friend who never moved to a lover until now. Will this couple get over their fears and prioritize happiness over job and life. Read this excellent story to find out. Have fun as they laugh, burn things, and swoon with all the steamy scenes and romantic gestures. I can’t wait for the next book in the Copper Springs Series.

This is Cami’s story; you may remember her from the last book, Noah’s younger sister. Her brother’s best friend Dane included. She is an opinionated bakery owner who doesn’t think firefighters are sexy.

I love the banter between the fire crew; it is fantastic, and you will find yourself chuckling out loud. Dane is a control freak and doesn’t like to ruin his reputation. He can’t date his best friend’s sister, so he has been pushing her away since they were teenagers, even if she is the one girl he thinks about.

I have to give it to Dane; he is very in tune with his desire and fears; he isn’t shy about expressing them, and they seem valid. This big tough masculine fireman does have a soft side somewhere in his body. On the other hand, Cami is a bit of a hot mess, but I have to admire her courage as well. Oh, finally, his book gets steamy; their chemistry is a five-alarm fire.

Dane is an idiot, and I feel bad for Cami. I hope this brooding, angsty fireman pulls his head out of the smoke. He messed up big time.
Oh, I love the big gesture he uses to get her back. Jump forward a few years, and you can’t help but smile at these two: the firefighters and the baker and a happily ever after. Omg, I love the recipe in the back of the book for the Cunningham Family oatmeal cake. So perfect. I loved this book.

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