Taken by Her Irish Alpha by Haley Weir

Rating: 3 out of 5.

She ran from him the night of their mating ceremony. Ten years later, he’s back to claim her.


When I was 18, I made a choice that changed my life forever.

I was forced into a mating ceremony with my pack’s alpha, Killian. Rather than be bound to our old traditions, I ran.

I left that world behind. In London, I’ve reinvented myself. Joined a new pack. Got a job as a bartender. I’ve lived. I’ve loved. I’ve forgotten all about my past.

Until Killian walks into my bar and blows my new life to hell.


I’m the alpha of Ireland’s largest wolf pack.

I’ve worked hard for this title. So when my Elder informs me that the Old Rules dictate that I must claim my fated mate before I turn 35 or else lose my alpha status, I nearly choke on my ale.

I haven’t seen Ryla since the night she ran away. But now, the fate of my pack rests on the shoulders of my stubborn runaway mate.

I will drag Ryla back to Ireland kicking and screaming if I have to

My Review

This paranormal romance is a quick read with a strong alpha and a stubborn mate. They both must make decisions that affect others and outcomes that don’t always work in their favor, but the book’s ending is so awesome. I love that the female character is strong, stubborn, and does want she wants anyway. Alpha Killian is brave, smart, and a bit rough around the edges, but he does have a sweet side. The author does add a bit steamy scene to the story but is not overly described. Overall this was an intriguing read.

Ryla is a wolf shifter; she is also a bartender in London. She fled Ireland and her fated mate years ago. She has joined the London pack after the Alpha came into her bar; she loves the life she has made for herself. She gets a surprise at her job that causes her to flee.
Killian is the guy she was supposed to marry, her fated mate, and the Alpha of the Irelands biggest wolf pack .she she does give her reasons for running. She really is anti the old world and archaic rules of her old home.

Killian, we get his point of view as well. He thinks the rules are archaic, too but must abide by them. He must marry his fated mate before he is thirty-five or forfeits being Alpha.
Killian surprised me, and I do think he is an oaf.

This book gets steamy as Ryla makes up her mind. I love that we see a different side of Killian as he has a change of heart. However, the pack war conflict in the book is very unsettling. This book gets tricky as decisions are made without consequences, but Alpha Killian is strong, and his mate has a huge heart. I do like how this story ended.

This book is part of the Rejected and Reborn Series but can be read as a standalone book as well.

If you would like to read Taken by the Irish Alpha by Haley Weir you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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