Explosive (The Houston Defiance MC Series Book 1) by K E Osborn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I couldn’t walk away.

It’s not who I am.
The moment I saw Rayne broken and bloodied, I knew I wasn’t leaving without her.

As the president of the Houston Defiance MC, my job is to protect. And there’s no taming the rage building inside my body, screaming at me to shield her from the husband who’s beating her day in and day out.

Taking her was never in my plans, but plans change.
I don’t care if she’s married.
Or that her husband’s a cop.

Our connection is explosive, it’s dangerous, it’s intoxicating.
And I’m fast being swept up in her storm.
It’s something I can’t ignore.

I thought the enemy was clear, and I was ready to fight.
But maybe there’s a threat we didn’t see coming?
Maybe there’s someone closer to us than we ever could have imagined.
Someone who could be the destruction of us both.

My Review

This story is fantastic; it has such an emotional drama, action-packed chapters, and main characters you can’t help but become addicted to. I love Raynes’s story even though it needs a trigger warning for the intense violence and sensitive topics. I love how this broken woman becomes something else with the help of her biker savior. Zero is broken, but we get to watch him heal and discover love again. This book was twisted and action-packed.

I like that this MC romance includes a list of motorcycle club words for those who weren’t familiar with the terminology found in this book. This book needs a trigger warning for dark themes, it is actions packed, but some of the content could be upsetting to readers who don’t know about it.

We begin this story at the Houston Defiance MC clubhouse. Our main character is people watching as he talks about other club members and people close by. Zero is now the President; chapter one is action-packed and pays homage to the title of this book. But he must let them go, let them try.

Rayne is in an abusive relationship. She has a lousy perspective about herself, and she seems to think she causes the abuse, but it isn’t her fault he can’t hold his temper. This time it was almost in public. She gets herself an Uber, who happens to be Prinie. Prinie and her bond; they become best friends. Prinie receives an offer to waitress at a biker bar and live at the clubhouse of the Chicago Defiance Mc. It is too good to pass up.

Zero does the right thing when Prinie goes to say goodbye to Rayne. He may have ulterior motives as an outlaw. Still, he is a protective alpha male who doesn’t believe in beating women. However, Rayne’s husband, Chuck, is a cop and rich, making it very complicated and putting the club at risk. They make it back to Houston, and his choices surprise me.

Zero and Rayne have some explosive chemistry. This gets steamy, and these outlaws have to fight for peace. The story takes a turn for the shocking with both twists and emotional upheaval in our main characters. This book gets twisted as Rayne’s past interconnects Zero’s club. The book ends on a slight cliffhanger but we do carry on with this club in the next book of the Houston Defiance MC Series with different main characters.

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