Claiming My Mate by Nicole Howl

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lily has spent the last year as a captive of the Huntington’s, the Wolf Hollow royals. They’ve been away touring their other pack lands, but they’re back now…and have turned her new life upside down.

Jason is the future Alpha and King of Wolf Hollow. He’s just biding his time until he can do whatever he wants without the threat of his father hanging over him – at least, he was until he met his mate.

With every aspect of their lives attempting to keep them apart, can Lily and Jason get a happily ever after?

My Review

This book is a YA Paranormal Romance book about a prince and his fated mate. She was human and a servant till she was turned into a wolf shifter. This book does contain some inherent but not described dark subjects like abuse and rape. The book is action-packed and sweet but has a very twisted storyline. I like Jason’s character; he is charming, protective, and patient. This book ends unexpectedly. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the prince and the servant girl, and I cant wait to see what happens next in the upcoming book.

Lily is a human forced to serve the Wolf Hollow Royals, shifters. The royals and guards don’t treat her well, but the King and Queen are merciful and forgiving, or so it seems. The guards not so much, or so I thought.

Jason is the prince of the Wolf Hollow Royals and soon to be Alpha. He helps servants, talks kindly to them, and even is understanding. However, his wolf is quite anxious, smells something sweet, and goes crazy.

So it looks like Jason and Lilly are mates, but of course, that comes with a whole cluster of drama and nonsense to deal with. I feel sorry for Lilly; her entire world got shifted in like 4 days. Jason is trying to be a good guy, but he also believes in fated mates, which sets him up for some unexpected events. This book gives both characters’ points of view. I’m kinda waiting to see what happens as I know the story is gonna hit the fan at some point in the book.

The book and story are drama-filled and run very fast as it sits right now. So far, this has been a YA read; not a lot of details, but a dark subject is brought up. Our female character is skittish and stutters sometimes. Still, she has a moment of outspoken verbiage that contradicts her speech or nerve issues. The author was trying to get a certain point in the book. Still, they really rush through scenes the readers could have connected with the characters better or at least gotten more emotionally attached to them.

This was a fantastic YA paranormal romance about fated mates and corrupt leadership. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the prince and the servant girl and actually be rooting for them by the end of the book. Omg, this book ends amazing I so didn’t expect it. I can’t wait till the next book in the Wolf Hollow Pack Series.

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