A Work of Art by Melody Tyden

Rating: 4 out of 5.

How much trouble could one fake engagement be?

Nadiya Varma has always had her life planned out. Set to take over the reins of her family’s multi-billion-dollar business when she turns 30, she’s close to completing the deal that will seal her reputation as Houston’s most formidable businesswoman. Only two things stand in her way: the board’s insistence that she get married before they give her the position, and Dexter Callahan.

Dexter – or Dex to his friends – hasn’t had much he loves in his life since losing his wife Shawna nearly six years ago, but the one thing he does have is the art gallery that they started together. Or at least he did have it, until one too many missed mortgage payments puts Shawna’s legacy in jeopardy. That’s when the infuriatingly cold and frustratingly sexy Nadiya shows up, offering him a deal he’d be hard-pressed to refuse.

As the line between business and pleasure starts to blur, can they keep things professional, or could their contract of convenience turn into a brand-new work of art?

My Review

This story is a whirlwind romance with a fake engagement, a marriage of convenience, and more changes than most people can handle. Yet Nadiya and Dex live through it all amazingly with sophistication, humor, and love. Their story is sweet, steamy, and full of beautiful moments that will make your heart sing. Get wrapped up with the hot artist and aloof boss women and find true love along the way.

Nadiya is a businesswoman making deals to secure property in Houston. She breaks up with her boyfriend, or he breaks up with her.

Dexter owns an art gallery. Unfortunately, he is not interested in selling it and is almost behind on his payments.

Nadiya has just been told she can’t be promoted till she shows the board she is family-friendly. That is hard for this aloof business-minded woman. Nadiya proposes a deal of convenience, a fake engagement that benefits them.

This becomes interesting as they tell their families. This book gets steamy as they celebrate their wedding night. I totally didn’t expect this completely opposite couple to have any sort of sparks or feeling for each other. But somehow, this marriage of convenience turns into love. Nadiya is one strong businesswoman, and omg, I just love reading about her taking charge. Dexter is funny and sweet and balances her out perfectly.

What will happen to both their goals and their relationship? Can they survive internal and external doubts as well as blackmail? I’m amazed that this turn of events seriously didn’t seem to come. Omg, this book is such a whirlwind you barely have time to recover from one obstacle before another pops up, but somehow this couple manages it magnificently. I enjoyed the ending to this book.

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