Always Tied Always Tempting by Ava Munroe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Friends with benefits aren’t supposed to get pregnant.

Annie Slade knows one thing: the single life has some great perks.

One of those perks? Getting to sleep with sexy house flipper Noah Cunningham, no strings attached. That Prince Harry look-a-like can get a private showing of her bedroom any day.

It never crossed Annie’s mind that they might get pregnant. Now, she and Noah are facing a commitment neither of them was prepared for.

They both determine to maintain the “friend” part of “friend with benefits,” but nothing more. Neither one of them wants to risk hurting their unborn child with any potential relationship drama.

But can these two really keep their hands off each other? Because if they can’t, it’s not just two hearts on the line… it’s three.

My Review

This book is a sweet romance about life-changing when you least expect it to. Both characters have to adapt, look inside themselves and figure out what really matters. I enjoyed the romance and the conversational banter. There were some laugh-out-loud moments and some sad ones, but the story did end happily. 

Annie has an oops in the dog park, which roads him to minor injuries; only a klutz could manage this. She recognizes the dog’s owner and he her. She prefers non-humans. 

Noah is a prince with a solid body, his own business, and of course, a gorgeous shade of red hair. But of course, he has a flaw of a weak stomach which is funny to read. Poor Noah can’t handle a broken finger.

This author brought up the British Royals with tons of references to the prince and princess and related them to her characters. 

Annie is a teacher and definitely not above witty banter. Noah can’t seem to help himself as he shamelessly flirts. But he is a house flipper in construction just finally getting his footing. 

Oh, Annie drops a massive bomb on him in a disgusting way in a coffee shop. Just wow, poor Noah. Noah really battles himself between what his heart wants and what his head wants in this book. Annie has some skeletons in her closet and some steep walls. Will Noah disappoint her and miss out? 

I love the genuine life realizations they both come to in this book. This book does end happily, and I enjoyed the journey both characters took to get themselves. 

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