Freaking Love: Part One: First Love by Bethany Monaco Smith

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.
Seventeen and knocked up was not how I saw my life going. Yet, somehow, here I am. And I already know… this isn’t going to go well.
My mother? She’s gonna kill me. This is pretty much the one thing she asked me not to do. The only thing she never wanted for me.
My dad? He might hide it, but seeing disappointment in his eyes would be enough to break me.
My best friends? Well, let’s face it, they’re pretty much the most supportive people on the planet, but I don’t think any teenager is excited to hear their best friend is pregnant. Not to mention it’s going to change everything because then there’s…
Braden. The boy I’ve loved since I was six. I don’t think he can handle it. I know he’s not ready for it. We’ve always had an easy time. I thought our love was different, that it could last a lifetime. But now, I’m not so sure. I’m afraid this might be the thing that destroys us. Can first love survive real life? Can we survive this?

My Review

This book is a real emotional story about teenagers who get the most complicated thing thrust at them and have to fight to survive it. Their relationship, fears, and lives change for the better, but the fight is an uphill battle for both Braden and Maia. 

I love Maia’s character in this story; even though she is struggling and emotional, she is intelligent, determined, and stubborn; she believes in family, love, and friends. On the other hand, Braden is immature, not responsible, and kinda annoying. He didn’t have it together, and he does a lot of stupid stuff. But I understand it as he isn’t ready to grow up but needs to. This story doesn’t end happy, and the emotions will have you balling one minute and swooning the next, so be prepared as you navigate a story about support, teenage pregnancy, and having to grow up. 

This story is an excellent reminder for those who may need it about how hard life can be when you are too young to embrace the responsibility. 

Maia spends the first page of the book on a tangent about some considerable changes to her relationship with her boyfriend, Braden. She drops a bomb on him and probably could have had better timing, poor guy. 

Braden and Maia really step up to the changes and even do the right thing, but you can’t blame their fears as they are both very young and unsure of what will happen next. Maia is waiting for it all to come crashing down, and so far, it hasn’t. 

Life isn’t easy for Maia and Braden, but they have a great support system and loving friends and family. They both deal with a lot of drama and have to figure out how to move forward. This book will wreck you with emotional upheaval; it is like a rollercoaster of happy to desperately sad. 

This book doesn’t end happily, but there is a part two to this story that I am looking forward to reading. 

If you would like to read Freaking Love: Part One: First Love by Bethany Monaco Smith you can find this book on Amazon as an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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