Wrecked by Leia Stone

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Getting married at eighteen wasn’t the smartest idea but … I’d been in love. Bryce, with his perfect words, his money, and all-American good looks. He had pulled me in, and when he spit me out, I’d barely been left alive. Now at twenty-two and divorced, I just wanted to build a life for myself on my own terms. Free of fear. First job. First crappy apartment. First taste of freedom. Enter Ethan King. The guy from high school I never had a chance with. As the leader of the local motorcycle gang, he’s not exactly an outstanding citizen, but he’s the one bright spot in my life. He’s exactly what I need right now. Until Bryce, who never could accept losing, decides he’s not ready to let me go. And if there is one thing I know about that monster, it’s that he has no problem destroying everything in my world. Only this time I have Ethan King.

My Review

This book is about finding yourself, your family, and your love on your terms. Nothing about her new romance is dark, but the old one is. Hailey is a strong woman fighting for herself, her life, and her love. I admire the steps she took to overcome the darkness in her life. I didn’t agree with all her decisions, but I understand their logic. This book did get intense and action-packed, and the sexy bikers were sweet and steamy. The story ends happily.

This book does have a trigger warning for violence and abuse. This is a stand-alone story.

Hailey is a twenty-two-year-old, recently divorced waitress at a biker bar. After leaving her toxic husband for a few years, she tries to get her life together. She is gonna go to college and find herself again. Her first shift is at the bar in South Phoneix, Arizona, is definitely bringing out her fears.

Ethan king she knew from high school and just ran into at the bar. Her conversation with Ethan is very awkward. But she got the job, was offered a better place to stay, and soon started nursing school. Ethan, of course, also is the owner of a motorcycle shop and started his own biker club to keep his friends from trouble. He is very intense.

Her inner monologue is sassy and sweet with smart wisdom even when she is like a deer in headlights. She left everything; she literally has nothing but her own determination. Still, things are changing with work and now a place to live. Her past comes to hunt her, and I admire her for being strong even though she is scared inside.

Although I disagree with her decision, I do understand her logic. But it kinda sucks. She finally gets her head straight and lives for herself. Unfortunately, her psycho stalker doesn’t give up, and some action-packed scenes happen. But I’m thrilled it finally works out and happily. Nothing about Ethan and Hailey’s romance is dark, more like a breath of fresh air. The dark parts are the stalker and ex-husband and the time in her life she is running away from.

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