Fated Mates: Book 1 of the True Mates Series: A Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance by Alicia Montgomery

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alynna’s life is a mess.

And something is changing inside of her.

Turns out she’s not only a werewolf shifter, but she’s practically royalty.

The Lycan bodyguard that her Alpha brother insisted on was too much.

Alex is a tall drink of water, but she hates the feeling of being guarded.

She doesn’t think it’s necessary.

One night of terror changes all of that.

Who is trying to kill her?


Fear is powerful and she finds herself drawn to her protector.

But their love is forbidden.

She will have to make a choice…

If she can survive.

My Review

This book was a sweet, paranormal romance with a little bit of suspense interwoven in the story. I love that the main character was human until she wasn’t, and even with her whole life being changed, she was still the same person. Alex was frustrating as I could see what should happen. Still, it is and primarily due to him and his decisions, but I’m glad at the end he had his mind changed and got over himself. 

Anna is a private investigator and is following her client into a club called Blood Moon in NYC. She runs into a Mr. Hot who smells amazing, Alex, at the club while watching her client. Things get steamy but very curious as well. 

She has brought herself to trouble somehow. She gets a surprise in her apartment in the form of two men, Alex and Mr. Vrost, but she must go with them to their boss to get answers.

Oh, intriguing, it seems she is not a wolf shifter but a Lycan. Interestingly, Grant may be her stepbrother, and her father was a Lycan king of New York. I’m surprised they let her walk away, and what does Alex have to do with this. 

I really love that author takes the time as the character is learning about it to explain her Lycan society living in the normal world with the humans. Things get steamy for Alex and Alynna, and finally. I wonder if they are true mates? 

Anna has some close calls that are very suspicious. Still, she seems to be adapting to the Lycan society and even moving into the Enclave, where they all live. Alex is a jerk leading Alynna along then only using her, and then this hot and cold thing is frustrating. 

Oh, much to my surprise, they finally get happy ever after and communicate with each other. I noticed that the next book focuses on different characters and may get to read it eventually. This is the first book in the True Mates Series.

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