A New Day (Foothills Book 4) by Carrie Thorne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rebound Rules were made to be broken.

Haley Salsborough has had it with the pompous jerk she married. Catching him with her “best friend” rather crossed the line, to say the least. A relationship is lowest on her list of priorities when she moves home to Foothills, but a rebound…

Professional football player Finn Halseth’s life has gone to crap the last six months. He’s not looking for anything serious, but a summer fling…

My Review

This small town second chance romance is filled with sweet moments, steamy interactions, and unexpected love. This story is relatable to those who lose themselves, whether in love, life, or bad choices but hold strong to find the light at the end. Haley was independent, passionate, and intelligent, while Finn was flirty, caring, and loving. The author did a fantastic job with the sports terminology in the story and indeed created a memorable romance. I truly enjoyed this story and the wonderful characters.

I look forward to reading about more couples in this small town and may even go back and read some of the books I have missed in the Foothills series. I like that each book could be a stand-alone story, but all have to do with different characters and are all centralized in this small town in Washington. 

Haley has been scorned by her husbands’ inability to keep it in his pants and for just her. She wasted ten years on the guy. Her mother, Patrica, is a character wow snooty, elite and stubborn. Poor Haley has to move back to her parent’s hometown Foothills.

Finn is a washed-out football player going down from a knee injury in his prime. He also recently lost his mom. He has his girlfriend Trace. But at least they broke up amicably, and both agreed to be friends. 

Haley’s new home or old family home is something that would scare most women. But she is finding her mountain girl roots and working them back into shape. She is also best friends with Trace. Finding herself again is her idea of an adventure and also this house. She has a fantastic set of half-brothers and old friends. She has a smoking hot encounter with Finn, but they don’t exchange names. 

The double entendres and innuendos are fabulous, making the conversations fun to read. I love Haley’s sassy attitude; she is feisty. The chemistry between Haley and Finn is so hot; you might need a dip in the river to cool off after reading this. Of course, the chemistry erupts, and damn, that was some scorching steamy scenes. Of course, the author includes a dramatic event and a secret that could end this fling very quickly. 

The football terminology in this book is overwhelming for a non-fan like me. Still, I think the authors used the terms well for chapter titles and conversations. I’m very surprised by the truth coming out and the couple not invoking tears. However, I love how this story ended. 

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