The Triple Goddess (Afterlife Saga Book 3) by Stephanie Hudson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Keira soon finds herself becoming a pawn in a game she could never hope to win and now the King on the board is a Vampire on a mission. With the only man to stop him miles away from the mountain prison in which she is kept, she must now choose which path to take in order to survive. With enemies at all sides closing in quick, she must tread carefully or she might find the only man to save her isn’t the White Knight she loves but the Dark King she loathes. But time with the Vampire King is dangerous and Keira soon learns that it is more than just the power of her mind she needs to keep locked but also the power of her heart…
And Lucius might just hold the key to both.

My Review

This is the third book in Kierra’s and Dominics’ story. The last book ended on a massive cliffhanger, and here’s hoping this one picks up where it left off. It does; she is on a plane on her way to see Lucius or be delivered to the Vampire king. 

Oh, I wonder who the traitor is as she arrives from her plane trip. What not him no way; omg, Draven will be so pissed. Kiera is a hot mess express in this book jumping from heroic to panic. I’m enjoying the small moments in this story with PIp and even Lucius being different. 

Okay, the author does it again, and this book will wreck you emotionally. 

There are bits of action and important events, but most of the story is descriptions and not moving forward. I’m waiting for something big to happen and resolve at least one issue. That forgiveness was way too easy for women scorned. Oh, but more surprises to come. Hmm, I’m not sure I was ready for them to be happy again. This book finally ramps up with the insane edge of your seat, action, and suspense. You read with gasping breath at all the surprises the author weaves it gets storyline. We finally get our everyday human moments and a happily ever after. Still, at the very last moment, we get to read the shocking cliffhanger that will have you unable to fathom where this series will go next. 

This story is filled with unique characters, a complex storyline, and a spell-binding romance incorporating many fantasy and paranormal aspects into the book. There are moments in this story that seems over-described, prolonging the story into an overly complicated monologue of boring information. However, a few sporadic parts will leave you gasping, laughing, crying, and astounded by the storyline. Draven is a totally overprotective alphahole who will also leave you swooning. Kiera is sassy, strong, and caring. They have insane chemistry, fights, and battles to overcome to find their own happiness undisturbed. 

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