Angelview Academy: A Dark High School Romance (The Complete Series) by E.M. Snow

Rating: 5 out of 5.

At Angelview Academy, Saint Angelle is considered God.
But don’t be fooled by his ridiculous name or that pretty face because Saint? He’s as wicked as they come.
I should know.

I’m the new girl who pissed him off.
The nobody who called out his crew of vicious tyrants.
The mortal who wouldn’t bow then and sure as hell won’t now.
Saint swears I’ll regret it.
He vows to own every inch of me.
He even promises to break me.
That’s where he screwed up.
Because if angels can fall, then so can so-called gods.
And I want to be the one to bring Saint to his knees.

My Review


This book is from Mallory’s point of view. 

I love that the author included a playlist at the beginning of the book. Mallory is a troubled teen who has had to be an adult for a long time. After a terrible accident, she had to escape and move in with her mom’s best friend in Atlanta. Her mom’s friend does her best but, of course, has a job and isn’t her mother. She is mature for her age as she has had to deal with a lot. She receives a weird letter. Her acceptance letter and a full-ride scholarship to AngelView Academy in California for her senior year of high school. 

Upon arriving in Los Angeles and meeting some students, she realized AngelView Academy wasn’t what she thought. The students are wealthy, pompous, and jerks. But not all of them. Sadly, she brought the school’s bullying on herself by sticking her nose in where it didn’t belong and upsetting the gods of the school. I admire her strength and tough skin but being new not sure it was wise to get on their radar so soon. 

Things heat up between her and Saint as the bullying increases. She is torn between Saint, a jerk, and Liam, a little less of a jerk. Liam is a complete jerk, but he saves her a few times. Things get steamy, too, so not expecting that.  

We don’t find much out about the mysterious accident or all the darkness in her path. Little things slip every once in a while, but I’m honestly waiting for this secret to implode. 

Obviously, Saint is broken; he is a sociopath and definitely has a big ego. Mallory is strong, has thick skin, and lots of skeletons in her closet. She also can’t seem to keep her opinions to herself. She almost has a hero complex, but I don’t think she meant it to come across that way. This book is a very steamy story with lots of mature content. 

So wondering how this book will end. I didn’t expect her skeletons to be revealed so drastically. This book ends with an unexpected hot disaster. I’m excited to read the next book and see what happens. After all, we only made it just to Christmas break. 


Again totally love the playlist at the beginning of the book. This book picks up exactly where the first one left off. This book is for a single point of view focusing on Mallory. All her secrets are out, and she decides to return to AngelView Academy. She isn’t above suspicion, and now the Gods are not too happy with her and the rest of the student body. Things are pretty uncomfortable for her. Liam seems to be a little less of a jerk, but not by much. 

Saint is very hot and cold in this book, possessive one minute and ignoring her the next. Honestly, I hope she finds a happily ever after with Liam, but I thought that was going okay, and then it wasn’t. She is always waiting for the next big thing to turn the school against her. Unfortunately, many secrets come to light, and she is tormented with her thoughts and heart. Liam is actually sweet and Saint, albeit a jerk, seems to care. 

This book was a hot mess, but it totally explained why she was Saints target. The question is, what now? What will happen next? 

I like this even though it is dark, the intrigue is high, and the emotional pull in is there in the story. Mallory is really strong, but she seems to be breaking easier with each new thing that comes to light. 


Absolutely love the playlist at the beginning of the book. This book starts from Saints’ point of view. He has a very interesting encounter with Rosalind. These books get more interesting as Saint acts more like a boyfriend and less like a creepy stalker. Mallory still managed to get herself in trouble, but now she has more to fear. Liam is still trying for Mallory and shifting between a friend and angry at her for being with Saint. Ghost is kinda creepy in this book. Mallory is definitely louder than she has been and stronger. This book ends with a terrifying action scene that would leave you on a significant cliffhanger without the bonus epilogues. I guess it was worth downloading the box set. 

And the bonus epilogue is for Liam’s point of view instead of Mallory or Saint. But then there is more, so don’t miss out. 

This book series is a mess from start to finish. There are so many lies, truths, and messed-up history that comes into play in this trilogy that I even had trouble keeping it all straight. I’m honestly surprised the author came up with something so twisted. I expected the jerks and the bullying, but I wasn’t expecting a convoluted history, murder, and manipulation. This is her story, a very dark trilogy but also super steamy. It was an intriguing story, and I couldn’t put it down. I want to know what happens next if the manic characters ever lived happily ever after. If they ever got a chance at a normal life? You won’t be disappointed if you can handle triggers, dark romance, and bullying themes to read this book trilogy. 

If you would like to read Angelview Academy Series by E.M. Snow . I do recommend the box set so you get the bonus epilogues. you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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