Thank you for your support

I wanted to take the time to thank the supporters of this blog and the many authors who have given me books in exchange for reviews, provided author interviews and sneak peeks, and have supported and shared this blog. This has been an amazing year and I am looking forward to continuing this endeavor with new authors and new books to read as well as finishing the series I have begun reading. Lana and I both enjoy this and look forward to another year of books.

Thank You

Paulina Vasquez, Melody Tyden, VIveen Street, H.C. Newell, J.Houser, Adley Saunders, Rebecca Cassells, Kenzie Green, Melissa Cummins, Becky Moynihan, and A.N. Verbes for giving me the honor of interviewing you and sharing it on this blog. I loved getting to know each of you and your work. You can find each of their interviews on the Author’s Corner page. I look forward to new interviews and many more authors to learn more about in 2022.

Thank you

To the friends, I have made with this blog. I want to do a special shout-out to my friend Denise Summers who also is a blogger and has given me a lovely shout-out on her blog as well. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

please check out her site

Thank You

To the many authors this year who have blessed me with free books to read and review, Some of them were requests, others were from the many sites I work with like Netgalley, Book Sirens, and Book Funnel. There is no way I could name all the authors but I wanted to thank you for your trust in your work and you sharing my reviews. You can find the many Arc books I have reviewed here and even at that. I am sure it isn’t all of them.

Special shout out to Arya Matthews and Melody Tyden who are not just authors to me they are also friends.

Thank you, Sinclair Kelly and Kelsey M. Wells for the free books that I won from your giveaways.

Thank You

Thank you to all the subscribers, social media supporters, and people who are reading our reviews and supporting this blog.

Looking forward to 2022

My plan for 2022 is simple. Keep reading and reviewing books, getting to know authors, and finishing some series. I would love to see this blog grow and I love sharing my reviews and reads with you.

My general plan for next year is still to read arc books by request or by the services I use to get them. I also want to expand some of our categories by adding more books to them. I am a mood reader so I often look for books that fit the season or holiday as well as reading my preferred genres of paranormal romance and contemporary romance.


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