Reaper: Threat Zero: A Sniper Novel (The Reaper Series Book 2) by Nicholas Irving

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A convoy of cars carrying several family members of the President’s cabinet to Camp David for “Family Day” is ambushed, killing and wounding wives, husbands and children.

Immediately in the aftermath, Vick Harwood watches a Facebook live feed of his former ranger buddy Sammie Samuelson’s apparent suicide and confession in his Thurmont, Maryland apartment, just one mile from Camp David. Remnants of a firefight are in the background: sniper rifle, rocket launchers, and ammunition. Simultaneously, an intruder breaks into Harwood’s house.

Harwood arrives in Thurman to investigate the suicide and, with the help of attractive FBI agent Valerie Hinojosa, traces evidence left by Samuelson to a fiendish plot involving transnational terrorists and domestic political opponents.

Meanwhile, the president wants retribution, and will stop at nothing to get it. Harwood joins Team Valid, whose mission is to kill the family members of terrorists and eliminate their seed from the earth. Team Valid, consisting of Hinojosa, Harwood, a Navy SEAL sniper, and a Marine Force Recon sniper, travels to Crimea, Iran, and Azerbaijan before realizing the mission is not what it seems. Harwood struggles to balance his orders with his sense of right and wrong—without losing his life in the process. As Samuelson is implicated in the Camp David ambush, it is a race to protect his remaining family and uncover the sinister plot in the homeland

My Review

This book starts off with a bang, immediately jumping into action. It does contain the same characters as the first book but a different storyline. This book gets twisted really quick and includes a lot of political intrigues as well as high-risk actions. This book has more secrets and spies than I prefer, but it was interesting all the same. Of course, I’m rooting for Harwood, our reaper sniper, but I really don’t love the mess and entanglements he gets stuck in unknowingly. This book is a hotbed of political and foreign agendas. But I do love that the journey was worth it at the end, and the characters who deserved it got theirs.

This story was full of mystery, action, and suspense, and yes, it was a bit grotesque definitely for an adult reader. However, I truly loved that you got to see a human side to Harwood, the sniper having to verify with himself and the info he had that his moves were valid. This book was full of political agendas and a twisted web of lies. The book does bring everything full circle, so make sure you read to the end. I enjoyed the action-packed suspense of the book and who and why questions I was thinking about as reading it.

If you would like to read Reaper Threat Zero by Nicholas Irving you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualified purchases. This is the second book in The Reaper Series if you would like to read my review on the first book you can find it here.

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