Caedmon Wolves Series by Amber Ella Monroe. Ambrielle Kirk

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Wolf’s Haven

Tamara would risk her life to gain freedom. She’s finally built up the courage to escape from a world of abuse by the hands of a man who promised her the world. But when her plans backfire, her hope for freedom begins to fade. When her world hits rock bottom, she stumbles across wolf shifter, Devin Caedmon, who offers her safety and protection. She learns to trust the wolf but has yet to trust the man.

Devin, potential future leader of the Caedmon Pack, returns to the foothills of his Virginia home after five long years as a lone wolf. His people are exposed to threats without a leader, but that doesn’t stop many of them from challenging him for his birthright. Leading a Pack was never in Devin’s plans, but letting his people fall prey to turmoil under the rule of his cousin Darius is out of the question. Will he rise to lead them as Alpha?

Within Devin’s world, rages another inner battle. The human woman, Tamara, has captured his heart. When they are together, their tribulations take the backburner. Their desire for one another grows as they consummate their passion in wolf’s haven. The Alpha leader-to-be simply cannot resist Tamara’s lure, but she’s already experienced enough disorder in her life. Will Devin forfeit the most coveted position within the Caedmon Pack to bond with his chosen mate? Can Tamara trust Devin or will the memories of her abuse dissuade her from being bound to the wolf?

Wolf’s Promise

Selene is thrust into the aftermath of Caedmon pack rivalry when determination to help her friend, Tamara, leads her to the foothills of the Virginia mountains. Her kindheartedness gets her into deep trouble when she finds herself kidnapped and held against her will. She’s thrown behind bars with Nick, who has also been captured. Her fellow cellmate saves her from a sentence worse than death but now she is at his mercy…and Nick is no ordinary man. Under the façade of his commitment to protect her from evil hides a secret that shatters her faith in him.

Wolf shifter Nick knew his life would be forever changed when Alpha Devin Caedmon honors him by inducting him onto the Caedmon Council. With this responsibility, he’s introduced to a web of pack politics and subject to threats. In the midst of being captured by a Pack enemy, he meets a tempting brazen beauty. Selene is not just any woman, and the wolf inside reminds Nick of this fact every time she’s in his presence. She awakens raging passion within him, and he desires her like no other. But he’s had the misfortune of being burned before. He must learn to forget how cunning a woman can be and decide if he can trust Selene with his heart. True love awaits in the path of danger, but will Selene and Nick let the chaos destroy their bond?

Wolf’s Touch

Wolf shifter Jayson Truman is captivated by his boss’s daughter. He finds himself fantasizing about the many ways he’d like to have his way with Arianna Klein. Despite her dad’s strong connections to the Caedmon community, he and Jayson have never seen eye to eye on any matter. Lusting after his daughter only adds fuel to the flames. Their long-standing business relationship begins to unravel. Jayson is warned to stay away from Arianna…

Cutting family ties seems like Arianna’s only recourse to regaining control of her life. Steering clear of her father is easier said than done especially when she holds the key to his business’s success–or failure. And as if her life weren’t dictated enough by men with oversized egos, add Jayson to the equation and his many attempts to lay claim to her. If he thinks she’s going to swoon at his feet like a sex-crazed maniac, he’s got another thing coming. But Jayson may very well be the pawn she needs to get her out of the mess that her father has built. Jayson will put his life on the line for Arianna, but will he gain her love and acceptance in return?

Wolf’s Desire

After Keira’s husband is brutally murdered, she is more than just alone but vulnerable to threats and tangled in a web of greed. Her decisions lead her into a corner, and safety is jeopardized.

Aiden, Wolf shifter and Council member of the Caedmon Pack, has never failed when it comes to fulfilling the terms of his employment contract. When he is hired to protect an heiress, he doesn’t plan on her being the only woman to bring both challenge and purpose in his life. Without hesitation, he vows to keep the grieving Keira safe—even from himself.

Keira trusts Aiden unconditionally and finds joy whenever they are together, but can love transcend a tragedy? Aiden’s urge to protect her is just as great as his desire to claim her. Once the passion is unleashed and fueled by the need to have all of her, the wolf will accept nothing less than his mate.

Wolf’s Strength

Tension grows between old rivals… Cold-blooded murder sparks a feud that could reignite the hatred between two dominant packs. Alpha Devin Caedmon and his council are tempted to risk all that is precious to protect their bloodline, but Tristan Arnou, the rival Pack’s leader, isn’t the only force trying to tear down the unity holding them together. All threats must be eliminated before the entire wolf shifter race is destroyed.

Forbidden love burns like a wildfire… There is one woman who Blake DeLuca loves more than anything else: Naomi Valentine. Despite the escalating battle and power struggles among their leaders, the fire between these two lovers has yet to be extinguished. Naomi’s heart belongs to Blake, but her allegiance lies with Arnou. She’s left with two choices…assume her duty or accept Blake’s eternal bond?

In Wolf’s Strength, secrets are unveiled and old memories long buried have resurfaced. The game of deception is a deadly one. There can be no peace until the bloodshed ends.

Wolf’s Temptation

In Wolf’s Temptation, Dawson Caedmon gets more than he bargains for when he agrees to help Alessia—a witch in peril—uncover a mystery surrounding her heritage. Their findings reek of danger, but Dawson will do anything in his power to keep Alessia from harm.

Unsure whether or not she’s his mate, but unable to resist her allure, Dawson throws caution to the wind.

Unfortunately, his temptation may cost him his life. His and Alessia’s safety isn’t the only thing at risk either. The peace within the Pack is in peril, as well. Is learning the truth worth the risks?

My Review

Book 1 – Wolf’s Haven

This book was interesting. I loved how the author introduced the reader to the main character Tamara and the wolf shifter Devin. The chemistry is hot, the feeling is genuine, and the pack is different in this book. I love how protective and sweet Devin is to Tamara. She may not be a strong heroine, but I see strength despite her past in her personality. I loved how the past isn’t the focus but is covered enough to clues the reader into the present. I did notice some minor spelling mistakes in the story. I love that this story is different than even the human gets paranormal qualities. Although this book ends on a happy steamy note, I’m dying for the author to conclude some of the conflicts mentioned in the story. I’m so glad there is more in this series. 

Book 2 – Wolf’s Promise

This book starts with a great intro catching the reader up to the new characters Selene and Nick. Selena is Tamara’s caseworker on an adventure to make sure she is okay from the first book’s events. Nick is now the beta for the Caedmon Pack, which has gone out hiking alone. After a quick start and lots of upheavals, this book gets better and better, .including steamy scenes to all-out fights. It is action-packed and intense. I don’t feel like there was massive sorry in this one, but I definitely loved all the hot steamy scenes and even the action-packed battles. The author did a great job making the relationship hot and heavy. I love how they both felt the mate bond even though she is human. 

Book 3- Wolf’s Touch

Arianna has some family issues, as evident by the first chapter of this book. Jayson is a wolf shifter and also has recently taken over his father’s company. He is Arianna’s true mate; however, they are not mated. Things get super twisted in the first few chapters of this book and steamy.

This book is honestly more steamy than the story, and the account has been getting shorter in the series as I read them. They are different pack members with other issues, but this one definitely takes the cake for steam.

Book 4 – Wolf’s Desire

Keira is a widow who suspects her husband was murdered by an animal. With the case closed and pressure from the family, she is convinced to solve it on her own after a break-in. She had a lawyer hire Aiden. Aiden is a wolf shifter in the Caedmon pack, and on the council, he is a recently retired bodyguard who decides to take on one last job. Aiden meets her and discovers that this widow is his mate. She has some relics that don’t belong, and others have been after them. The story really ramps up and gets super hot and steamy.

This story is filled with Caedmon wolf legend, history, and of course, mating. Albeit short, this story was intriguing. I did hope that the author would give us more about these characters.
I did really enjoy the mystery in suspense in the story and how the characters came together. The wolf lore is interesting, and I love how it is expanded on in most books.

Book 5 – Wolf’s Strength

This is Blake’s story, a wolf shifter on the Caedmon council. Blake knows his mate and loves her name is Naomi. Naomi is part of a rival pack. Tensions are high, and things for the mates don’t look good, so they can be together. . We get an inside look at the Arnou pack. They are run differently than the Caedmon pack. Then the readers get a dose of reality when the seer is threatened a lot of history is revealed. Naomi decided to leave after getting whipped, propositioned, and lockdown. She and Blake work together, and it doesn’t stop there. Lots of action happens in this book.

This book was steamy!!! But a great story of rivals working together for the greater good. This is a short story of fewer than 200 pages on kindle, but it is definitely a catalyst for peace.

Book 6- Wolf’s Honor

Connor Maxim is the man behind the pack. He cleans up the messes and runs his own business. Connor is helping the packs figure out who is killing wolves before the feds come in. Antonia, his mate, is trying to live legally but gets stuck into stuff with her twin brother. Things heat up after Connor rescues Antonia. She is sassy but bends easily to the new discoveries, and they both find a solution to their quests.

This is a short story in the series and read very quickly. It does contain adult content. This story really only solves the issues presented in the series and could be read as a standalone. 

Book 7- Wolf’s Temptation

This story is about Dawson Caedmon. This stray starts with meeting Alessia. She is a witch. Alessia attends a party at the Caedmon mansion. She wants some answers and recognized the family crest on the invite her friend gave her. Alessia is into more than she bargained for with her powers and her family. Dawson Caedmon swears she will protect her and this sweet short romance ends perfectly or not so perfect for her non-normal life.

I enjoyed this series, but I preferred longer novels than the short stories as I got involved with the characters I wanted to know about and their continued relationships. More pack info and politics. I feel like a lot of that was missing in the later books in the series.

This wraps up this series of mostly short stories. Each of theese books is a standalone story but they are include fated mates, and Hea.


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