The Coffee Painter: A Dark Bad Girl Romance by Veronica Schrieber

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Meet Bad Girl Artist: Vivian Grimes

For my last year of high school I was seduced by the janitor, Darren Bader. Right before graduating Darren dumped me and I thought my life was over. But really I was just beginning…

A few years later my hot-messy self is living the artist dream in NYC—my paintings are selling like hot cakes and I have my own apartment all to myself, and two men. Two men who would kill each other; well one would beat the other one up as the other one would hide under my bed.

I was caught in a crazy love triangle…

Mr. Alpha A**hole, Damien Doyle: mean blue eyes, tattoos meant for exploring and a hot body that I undeniably wanted. Our love was a toxic mix of love and hate. I loved hurting him and he
had the best sexy apologies.

Then there was Eddie Scozzari, my sweet Eddie who swooned me with laughable pickup lines and kinky sex. I couldn’t resist him and I couldn’t let him go.

Jinxed, cursed and doomed, the grim reaper knocked at my door and my life broke into pieces. With nothing more to lose I was determined to find my way home and to the one that I love.

My Review

This book is the story of an artist who has a wicked side. The story covers a portion of her past and present as she paints, loves, and experiences the world. The book has a unique ending, and I wouldn’t call this a romance book, more like a biography even though it is a fiction book. 

In September 2000, Vivian was crushing on Damien Doyle, the hot Starbucks employee. She is a naughty artist jumping right into the sack with Mr. Coffee. 

The book then jumps back in time to August of 1993. The months’ drawl on at the Coffee shop near home. This part of the story goes into why she is an artist.

Vivian and her brother have an interesting family dynamic. This book seems to jump around a lot but doesn’t really make much sense initially. This book definitely has some relationship issues past and current all the guys seem to be jerks. 

Her art is exciting and definitely original, at least in the descriptions. This book has some disturbing scenes. Honestly, this girl’s life past and present is a wreck. I don’t think this book is a romance, more of a life story about an artist who can’t seem to make good decisions. 

Her painting does seem to be progressing as we read the book. Tragedy does strike for the current boyfriend just as she starts to settle down a bit.  

Honestly, this book had its moving and more steamy parts; although not well described, the entire story jumps from past to present with Vivian’s life. I didn’t really enjoy this read, and I just couldn’t get into the book.

If you would like to read The Coffee Painter by Veronica Schrieber you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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