Love Bitten (Vampire Blood Royals Book 1) by Sabrina C Rose

Rating: 4 out of 5.

At the time it seemed like a great idea to smash her soon-to-be ex-fiancé’s car to smithereens.

After all, she’d caught two scantily clad women going up to his office in the middle of the night… On their anniversary.

It would have been a crime for her not to do something. So, with a little help from some liquid courage and a quick lapse in judgment, Erica grabbed a bat and went to work.

Served him right, really. Seeing as he was a cheating, lying, so and so.

Until she realized one teeny-tiny itty-bitty little detail…

It wasn’t exactly his car she’d destroyed.


It belonged to someone else. Someone whose dark emerald eyes, fierce stare, and sexy smirk left her breathless and quaking in more than just fear.

In hindsight, maybe taking a metal bat to a shiny new car in the middle of the street was…not the wisest thing to do.

Not when it brought her face to face with a vampire. One who thirsted for more than just her blood…

My Review

This book starts with an Interesting, colorful prologue with Julius and Evan texting each other. Erica is getting a ride to her fiancé’s office Max with her best friend Marie, who is giving him the benefit of the doubt. 

Oops, we’ll see massive, huge oops this should be interesting. I can’t believe they did that to a car. Julius and Evan have some secrets and hints as they come upon the girls destroying their vehicle. I’m supremely interested in what they keep referring to as the “Alter Realm. “

This gets curious as they around terms like wolf shifters, mage and fire serpent, and vampires. Apparently, they are princes and brothers. 

This book does jump perspectives from Erica to Julius. Evan is talented very intriguing, with him being telepathic and talking in people’s minds. Things get complicated for Erica. I see minor oops and spelling mistakes not far in the book, just a missing word you can’t read around and a misspelled character’s name. 

She gets a rude awakening to his monstrous side if she didn’t believe him before; she does know, but what know? This book gets steamy but as full of action and adventure as Erica being hunted. Oh, this book gets better and sexier. Erica and Julius are quite the couple, and I just love them together. 

This book was a fantastic vampire romance. I love that the main character Erica was human with no knowledge of the paranormal or supernatural world. I love the Julius was conceited, protective, and insatiable. This book was hot and steamy and filled with action, a little suspense, and a whole bunch of sweet moments to make you swoon. Evan and Dani were great supporting characters, and I can’t read more from this author. 

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