Accidentally in Love (MacGregor Brothers Brewing Company Book 1) by Danica Flynn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

At thirty-five and single, I’m tired of the dating game. Tired of men who look at me and say, “You’d be prettier if you shed a few pounds.”

There’s only one man I want a future with — my grouchy friends with benefits, Nolan. But he’s adamant about keeping things casual.

All that changes when one night we get careless, and those pink lines show up on the pregnancy test months later.

Nolan wants to do right by me. He wants to give me what I’ve been searching for, but I’m pretty sure he’s only doing it out of obligation. It’s not like the bearded brewmaster loves me like I love him.

My Review

Need a holiday hallmark to read? Look no further; this friends-to-lovers holiday romance will surprise you and have you dreaming of a sexy grouchy lumberjack brewmaster. This book was an endearing, sweet, and fun read. I loved the candid characters and conversations.

Avery is a small-town girl; she is older and still looking for that perfect guy. She is blunt and confident and doesn’t put up with jerks. She likes food and drinks and doesn’t care what others think. She has a history with some of the town guys. I love how candid she is in her remarks. 

Nolan works at the local brewery; he is tall, hairy, and handsome like a lumberjack. He is also candid and naughty in his speech but comedic too. He is protective and has a friend with benefits thing going with Avery. It seems like he doesn’t want a serious relationship. They certainly have a history, and we get an idea of this from his point of view. In chapter two, as things get steamy, he hints at where this book might go. 

Surprise, one night of an oops totally complicates this relationship and the friendship they have. But how will it all play out? This book will complexly surprise you as these two people navigate uncharted waters, miscommunications, and even love languages. Their big oops surprise turns out to be a good thing, and this book surprisingly turned into an endearing holiday romance. Don’t be surprised with the steamy scenes, and there are plenty. This book couldn’t have ended better, and I loved the short-time jumps and the epilogue. 

I really liked how the author told this story without a ton of outside drama. There was some character drama like their communication issues, their own insecurities, and of course, the oops surprise but nothing crazy heartbreaking or extremely dramatic. The sexy growly man who learned to express himself. The charming teacher who brought out the best in people and, of course, all the steamy scenes in this book. 

Get your copy of Accidentally in Love by Danica Flynn today and don’t miss out on this Holiday Romance read. This book is available on Amazon. This is the first book in the MacGregor Brothers Brewing Company Series. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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