Charity Case by Melody Tyden

“You could tell me that you’d like to come up to my room now, spend the night with me, and never see me again. That would work for me.”I took a deep breath. “Pretend I said that then.”——Naomi Law has had a rough year after the death of her fiancé, so she decides to cut loose with a one-night stand on a business trip to Rome. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but she gets more than she bargained for with Kane Davis.A wealthy, arrogant tech entrepreneur, Kane is used to getting what he wants. When one night with Naomi isn’t enough to satisfy him, he makes her an offer that’s too good to refuse: a few months of no-strings-attached sex in return for a life-changing donation to the charity that she works for.When they both find themselves enjoying their deal more than they expected to, will it be enough to turn their fake relationship into something real, or will the baggage they’re both carrying derail it once and for all?Intended for mature audiences.

My Review

Although this book was extra steamy, it was also super sweet once Kane pulled his head out of his rear. I loved how authentic Naomi was to herself and her own issues. She didn’t change who she was thru the entire story. This fake relationship turned out to be a lot more than either of them bargained for. Honestly, this was just a really excellent contemporary romance read. I love how the author incorporated disability and charity into her story. 

Naomi takes a trip to Rome and works for a charity company. While working, she is using her free night for a one-night stand. She isn’t really ready for a relationship after losing her partner a year ago. She is British. 

Kane is a smooth, hot, British man who talks Naomi up at the hotel bar. He is cunning with his words and smooth with his flirting. This book gets steamy right away as they busy themselves with each other’s bodies. It is, after all, the carnal needs they were both looking to satisfy. This book makes a jump in point of view from Kane to Naomi. 

Noomi is satisfied with her adventures and knows she is basking in the joy of never seeing him again. Oh, this gets even better as their business seems to collide and put them in the same room together. Will she agree to his proposal or be offended by it? 

Kane is very hot and cold, almost like he doesn’t know what he wants. One moment he is a true sensual sweetheart, and the next, he turns into a possessive jerk. Just as I think this book will be an erotic romance, the author twists the story to contain profound topics. 

This book has a valid point about trust and faithfulness, and the internet. Although this couple has some up-and-downs and self-esteem issues, they do seem to find happiness in each other. The book does have an extended epilogue, but it contains an awesome surprise you won’t want to miss out on. 

If you would like to read Charity Case by Melody Tyden you can find it on Amazon. This is a Standalone book but check out other books by Melody Tyden and the Q & A with Melody Tyden. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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