Survive My Blood: Two Vampires, One Cinderella by Elyatha Eli

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Two vampires, one Cinderella.
She didn’t lose her shoe—the heel pierced through His heart.

Pearl is a bookworm—a good girl. She feels like Cinderella when a billionaire family invites her to a prestigious event where Pearl must pretend to be a noble lady for the night. But the fairy tale takes a dark twist when a stranger poisons her blood and traps her in a bunker with hungry vampires.

Pearl’s survival turns into a wicked game of love and dominance. Enemies turn lovers, but how can a good girl survive a bad boy when the poison runs through her veins? Dominant vampire romance, impossible survival and a choice between two men—those are the trials Pearl must face.

My Review

This vampire romance is riddled with a love triangle, fantasy, and magic. Pearl, a human girl, gets trapped in an underground prison with two vampires. Dom and Draco both bring interesting aspects to this story. This book is slow-moving between the two parts of the story, but the ending is fantastic. Many twists and turns in this story will leave you speechless, mystified, and immersed in this paranormal fantasy romance. 

This book has a content warning at the beginning for mature content, some trigger warning before specific subjects. I find it interesting the author broke this book into two parts, and I am curious as to why? 

Miss Underwood is a young woman who has been thrust into a world she doesn’t understand. One where she must dress and act appropriately like a Queen, but she is no princess. Her name is Pearl. Much to her surprise, she gets drugged and then bitten by a vampire. This book is reading a little old school so far, like trying to border between a rich billionaire romance and a historical paranormal. 

I love that Pearl is a bookworm. But being dropped into Eden with Draco, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Draco is a vampire as well and apparently the wealthy owner of the gardens and engineer behind them. 

Draco is curious, displaying some vampire traits but not others. The forbidden area and the strange being that we learn is Dom is very intriguing. Pearl seems to fight herself between the darkness and the light. Her subconscious is constantly deviating and debating every action. She is so torn by the good and bad of both Draco and Dom. 

Strangely, this story is only told from Pearl’s point of view. The head games in this book are something else. I’m surprised at how twisted this story gets, but of course, you don’t realize it till mostly thru the book. The story also gets steamy as Dom and Pearl ignite each other’s carnal desires. Who knew that those desires would lead to such a surprising ending.

If you would like to read Survive my Blood by Elyatha Eli you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.  

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