Ringing In Love (An Autumn Falls Romance Book 1) by Alanna J. Rubin

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When the pressures of Cassandra Peter’s job in Boston start wearing her down, she takes a vacation in her home town of Autumn Falls. Shortly thereafter, circumstances provide an opportunity to run her parent’s bookstore and she soon starts to discover that, perhaps, life in the big city is not where her future lies after all.

My Review

Cassandra or Cassie is heading out for a two-week vacation. Her important big-city job in Boston made her want to go back to her hometown of Autumn Falls. A small world she runs into to a man she knows at the local bakery Derek. But why does he fluster her so much? 

Interestingly this book isn’t set in the fall but in spring. Cassie agrees to help her dad at the local bookstore he owns, so much for a vacation. I love how the author interweaves popular books in the story. For us readers, this is a fun nuance to smile about. 

Her history with Detek has something to do with her job and a project, but he seems like a sweet, caring guy. I love that they have a workplace connection that appears to have been carried to the small town. 

This story ends happily, even though it is short and it is well written. I may just have to read more of this author’s full-length books. I find short stories are a great chance to see if you like how the author writes in a bite-sized amount. I have loved reading this short and sweet romance. 

If you would like to read Ringing in Love by Alanna J. Rubin you can find this short story on Amazon.

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